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New Traditions and Ugly Sweaters

18 Dec

This is the final week of the Dare to DIY party at Newly Woodwards, and the last topic is Holiday Traditions.

Kevin and I met in 2008, married in 1010, and moved into our home here at Corner of Main in 2011.  We are starting to make a lot of our own traditions for our new family and our new home.

ChristmasFunDec14 033

I hope we can keep this up every year and make it a new tradition!  I would even like to try to plant some trees in our backyard so that we can go cut one of our own down…in…oh…2020 maybe.

  • Each year we have exchanged ornaments.  Kevin seems to have a theme going on the ones he has given me (no complaints here, who doesn’t love Swarvoski Crystal?)

Ornaments2 008

Ornaments 020

Ornaments2 001

The photos don’t do these sparkly lovelies justice!

  • Another new tradition we are starting is an annual Christmas party in our home.  We hosted our first Ugly Christmas Sweater party this past weekend actually!  Our friends and family had a great time finding something ugly to wear….

Christmas1 009

(Do you see the gray paint?  L. O. V. E. it)

Christmas1 037

Those hats actually moved and played music!

Christmas1 036

Kevin’s sister was the winner (below in the red with the runners up)…

Christmas1 034

She made her sweater quite ugly with a stocking on the front and a wreath on the back!  Here was her prize (along with a Starbucks gift card):

Ornaments 009

It’s the (very) rare (I only made 2, one for the winner and one for us)…

Ornaments 011

2011 Corner of Main Ugly Sweater Ornament!  I am not sure if I can top this next year!

Do you have any Holiday Traditions?  Check out more at Newly Woodwards!

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Curtain Fabric!

16 Nov

This post totally needs an exclamation point because I am pretty darn excited about this fabric!  I actually found four that I loved in the store, but once I got home with all four (yes I bought all of them-I was very indecisive in the store) I decided right away.  Have you ever bought way too many of one thing and then returned them or just kept them all?  Keeping them all is definitely more fun.

This weekend I made my way to Hancock Fabrics with my handy dandy room color cards.


And I came home with 1.5 yards each these four pretty prints (they were, at least, 50% off so I don’t feel too bad):


I love them all, and I thought for sure the one on the right would be the winner of this race, but the clear winner was the one next to it.  Here are some pics of each hanging on the curtain rod (please ignore the wrinkles)…


This print was definitely in second place, it looks almost solid from far, but when you get up close you see the tiny check print.  It looks nice with the white woodwork and the stencil wall, so I think it will make it’s way into the room one way or another.

The next one was my least favorite (too dark):


I thought for sure I would love the one below in the room because the print is similar to the stencil, but not too matchy….I was wrong (perhaps too graphic?).


This kind of feels like the three bears here.  One was too tiny, one was too dark, one was too graphic…and one was just right!


Ahh…it’s so pretty.  It matches perfectly and I love the print.



My master plan is to make a curtain with this one and the check fabric as an accent.


Please stop back to see how the finished product looks!

What projects are you working on this week?

Room Color/Décor Organization

9 Nov

When I am out and about shopping, I am always wondering if a certain room accessory or fabric will go in an existing room .  It is always tricky to “guess” what color or print you have at home.  Some times I pull out my cell phone and actually look at my blog to see photos of our rooms-colors, fabrics, etc.

Recently I came across this idea (from Apartment Therapy via Brandi @ His Shabby Her Chic via Pinterest):


In this version they even have a floor plan-fabulous idea!  You never know when you are going to find an unbelievable deal on a dresser for your bedroom or hutch for your dining room…but is it going to fit?  That is the question!  Has this even happened to you?  Did it fit or did you have to take it back?

I started my own handy little cards to keep track of it all.  I began with our half bathroom.

First you need to gather your supplies:


I thought having a picture of my new stencil wall would come in handy (when selecting towels or fabric for the curtains), so I printed out a photo.  I no longer had the actual paint chip from Benjamin Moore and the little bottle of paint obviously did not have a chip, so I decided to paint some cardstock.

First I cut out the photo by tracing the cardstock tag on the backside…



Then I taped off two areas on the card stock…


And painted…


Then punched holes (why not make it cute with a star?) and added labels…


I have yet to add dimensions, but this room is so tiny I don’t know if that is necessary.  There is plenty of room on the back for anything I would like to add later.  I need to get a small binder ring to keep them together.  One room down, 8 or 9 to go!


I am going to take my little cards and search for some curtain fabric!  Stay tuned to see what I come up with.

Until then, have a Happy Wednesday!

Spooktacular T-shirt

24 Oct

Boo!  Halloween is just one week away!  Do you have your candy and (kiddie) costumes ready?  Are any adults out there dressing up?  Kevin and I are dressing up on the big day.  He purchased a Sasquatch costume on-line…it is pretty great.  I actually need to get a pic of him in it, but here is the on-line ad photo:

Big Foot Adult Costume

Why, hello Big Foot!  When this monstrosity came in the mail last week Kevin left it up in our guest bedroom.  It happened to be a nice evening that day so Kevin was grilling out on our back deck when I got home from work.  As usual,  I headed upstairs to change, but instead of an empty bedroom I found the costume on the bed.  I decided to try said furry getup on and surprise my grillin’ man.  Boy oh boy, was he surprised!  Aside from the part where Kevin almost had a heart attack, it was classic!  Once his heart was beating regularly we laughed for about 5 minutes straight.   Hopefully this bad boy will bring a few more chuckles next weekend!

I am sure you are now wondering what I am wearing…well, nothing near as cool as Big Foot.  I didn’t want to spend a small fortune on something I am only going to wear once, so I am re-using a German Beer girl costume from about 3 years ago.  Watch out party people, make way for Big Foot and the Beer Girl!

For those of you who are not dressing up, I have another great option thanks to Pinterest (via Liz and cutoutandkeep.net)!

Pinned Image

I saw this about a month ago and figured I should give it a try.  This weekend I picked up a plain dark gray T-shirt at Target for $6 on clearance and made my own!

I started by putting the shirt on and placing painters tape where I wanted the features to be (I didn’t really want the eyeballs right on my chest).  I took the shirt off and this is what I had:

cupcakesAndTshirt 043

I added more tape and then drew out the face on the tape:

cupcakesAndTshirt 048

Next I cut (be very careful not to cut the back!)…

cupcakesAndTshirt 049

cupcakesAndTshirt 051

Then the tape was pulled off, and now I have this spooktacular T-shirt:

Tshirt2 001

I was thinking an orange jack-o-lantern would be cute  for a little kid.  Does anyone want to make their own?  Get cuttin’ you only have a few days!

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Sewing a Slipcover

10 Oct

A while ago I tried to make a slipcover for my Pier 1 Parsons chair (from scratch)…it didn’t work (if you would like to read about that mess, click here).  I really had my heart set on something in yellow and gray to go with the other chairs that I recovered (take a tour of the dining room and see the before pics of the chairs here, here, here, or here…eek that’s a lot of dining room talk)

July52011 109

Pier 1 sells covers, but nothing in yellow and gray.  This one is really cute (now that I am looking at it, maybe I should have just bought two of these….it definitely would have been easier!):

Dana Floral Slipcover

Well, they weren’t selling that one when I originally bought the chairs, so I set out to find my own fabric months ago.  I loved this yellow and gray bird print from Hancock Fabrics:

sewing2 001

After my failed attempt to make the cover without a pattern, I bought this McCall’s one (even though the measurements weren’t the exact size of the Pier 1 chairs):

outdoorsAndSlipcover 115

I decided to go with pattern ‘B’

outdoorsAndSlipcover 117

After hours and hours of work, some pricked fingers, and maybe a couple expletives, I ended up with this:

outdoorsAndSlipcover 099

I love the way it turned out, but wow, this was definitely the most complicated thing I have ever made.  There was a lot of tweaking the pattern to get it to fit the chair better.  The pleats on the corners turned out pretty great (I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’).  I thought for sure I would end up making them crooked…

outdoorsAndSlipcover 104

Same goes for the hem and the woven boarder…

outdoorsAndSlipcover 102

I love how the two chair fabrics compliment each other.  It will look soooo much better once we paint and put wainscoting and chair rail up.

outdoorsAndSlipcover 108

Hopefully we will finish this room sooner than later….but first I suppose I have to make the second slipcover Sad smile  Anyone want to do that for me?

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Blogwagon and Sweater Makeover II

10 Oct

Hello!  Happy Monday =)  I can’t believe it has been a week since I have written a post.  Holy moly; I have fallen off the blogwagon!

Image (4)

I know you are REALLY scared impressed by my Photoshop skills, but instead of teaching how not to create your own graphics, today I will be talking about that thrift store sweater again!

I know I have kept you in suspense about what I made that great orange vest into (after I made the sweater pumpkins).  Fear not, I did not hem the arm holes and wear it in public, I instead made this lovely knit throw pillow:

fall 077

I love the way it turned out and it was super easy to make (it was actually sewn by hand)…

I started with the remains of an orange sweater:

bathroom_prints 063

While the orange worked for the pumpkins, I didn’t exactly want an orange throw pillow, so I bought some brown dye.

fall 004

Before I cut the sweater I wanted to dye it so it would not fray (the only thing that had been cut off at this point was the sleeves, and there was a seam right above where they were cut…so no worries about fraying at this point).  The dye was for use in a washing machine, so I gathered my supplies…

fall 006

added them to the machine, ran the cycle, and I ended up with a brown sweater vest!

fall 065

The pillow form I used was 16”x16”…

fall 066

The bottom portion of my sweater was a bit larger than that:

fall 067

I turned the sweater inside out and added a straight line with tape to make the upper seam even…

fall 068

I stitched just below the tape; then cut off the upper portion.  Next I stitched  along the sides (I could have just put a seam in one side, but I wanted the cable pattern centered):

fall 070

I then turned it right side out and put the pillow form inside…

fall 072

I stitched up the bottom seam as neatly as I could…

fall 074

And there you have it!  A knit throw pillow (without knitting or spending a fortune)!

fall 077

I think it looks cute with this owl pillow my mom made for me (how cute is that owl pillow? Thanks Mom!)

fall 079

So with a $2.99 sweater I made.  4 pumpkins (check those out here in the previous post) and a toss pillow.

Come back to Corner of Main later this week…hopefully I am going to share the slipcover I made for our Pier 1 parsons chairs


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Sweater Makeover

4 Oct

Hello everyone!  It has been a few days since I have written anything, and I really wanted to link up to Kate’s linky party about fall crafts.  I feel like I have been talking about pumpkins a lot, so why stop now…it is October, right?

First I should give credit where credit is due.  A few weeks ago I was perusing Amanda’s weekend bloggy reading and I came across Andrea who made these  sweater Jack-o-lanterns (check them out here):

Trio Jack-o-Lanterns

I thought they were so cute I wanted to make my own, so I was off to a thrift store where I found a lovely orange sweater…

(brace yourself for a lot of photos Disappointed smile)

bathroom_prints 036

It was only $2.99!

bathroom_prints 037

I searched our house and found a whole bunch of random buttons; needle and thread; floss; and twine…

bathroom_prints 039

bathroom_prints 046

bathroom_prints 043

I started by cutting off the sleeves…

bathroom_prints 047

Stitching up the bottom of the pumpkin (which was the top of the sleeve)…

bathroom_prints 048

Next, I laid out some face options with the buttons…

bathroom_prints 051

bathroom_prints 052

bathroom_prints 053

Then I sewed the buttons on with black floss, and cut the top half of the sleeve off.  I filled the bottom of the pumpkin with popcorn kernels (you can use anything that will make it heavy on the bottom) and the rest with fiber fill…

bathroom_prints 055

I didn’t want the yarn to unravel so I painted the edges with clear nail polish.

bathroom_prints 058

I turned the edges in…

bathroom_prints 059

And gathered the top with twine to make the pumpkin stems…

bathroom_prints 061

I did this with the remaining portion of the sleeve and with the other arm, so I was able to make 4 total…

bathroom_prints 067

This one is probably my favorite, but they all make me smile:

bathroom_prints 075

I ended up using three of them on my mantel and I gave the fourth to my mom.

fall 050

After all this pumpkin fun, I  was left with a sweet sweater vest…

bathroom_prints 063

What do you think, can I wear this to work?  Maybe the orange will look good with my dark hair, lol.

I did something much better than wear the vest to work, but I think I should share that another day…I don’t want to overload you on photos of a $3 sweater (if I haven’t already).

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Have a great night and please come back!