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Happy New Year!

1 Jan

What did you do for New Year’s Eve?  I went out to dinner with friends and listened to some live music.  A good time was had by all!

Can you believe it is already 2012?  I know I will be dating things 2011 for the next month or two!

These last few weeks have flown by so quickly I am a bit behind on getting things done…one of which is the new look of this here blog.  I had high hopes of showing off our face lift on Jan 1, but now I am shooting for sometime this week.  I seem to be running into some issues with image sizes.  Ugh.

Please check back soon!!



Santa Came Early!

14 Dec

Santa came early, and he arrived on a Home Depot truck! Check out what he squished through the chimney:

stove 006Well, maybe it was two delivery dudes on the truck and they came through the front door, but it felt like Christmas!

stove 001

One of the first things we needed to replace in our house was the old range…we moved in 10 months ago…nothing like procrastination! The previous stove was pretty dirty, it took an eternity to heat the oven, and I almost singed my hair (and poor Kevin almost lost his eyebrows) on numerous occasions while lighting the burners.

This may be the only pic I have with the old stove in it

We went with a stainless steel LG freestanding range with a double oven. I have been wanting a double oven range since I discovered them last year. What a fabulous idea! The bottom is big enough for a large turkey (so they say) and the top is big enough for a tray of rolls or cookies. It is the perfect invention. Why heat an entire oven if you are making a small tray of stuffed peppers for two people? Yes, stuffed peppers is a totally random example, but I made some last night with our beautiful new oven and I am going to share the recipe in a second….

We purchased the stove and 2 other appliances (that I will share later) at Home Depot on Cyber Monday. I actually went into the store and got the same price as on-line. Score! We paid less than $1,000 for this range (with free delivery), and I see now that it is $1,349.10. That makes me happy. Now we need to update the rest of the kitchen (new floor, cabinets, countertops…ugh).

Until then I will enjoy cooking on our beautiful range! The first creation that came out of this bad boy was Stuffed Red Peppers.

stove 019

Because I was making this up as I went along the measurements are not exact…

Turkey and Squash stuffed Red Peppers

  • 6 red peppers (seeded and tops cut off)
  • 1 lb ground turkey
  • 5 mini portabella mushrooms diced
  • 1/2 large onion (or 1 small onion I suppose) diced
  • 4 servings of cooked brown rice
  • A pinch of salt
  • 1 25.5 oz. jar of butternut squash pasta sauce (yes this is the most random ingredient ever, but I think this is what made the dish sooo good. I got a 2 pack of these at cost-co for about $7 just to try it out, and I will definitely be getting more)

sauce 003

Get cookin’:

  1. Preheat oven to 400 (this serious took no time at all!) and grease the bottom of an oven safe dish/corning ware-set aside.
  2. Cook turkey in a skillet until browned. Add onions, mushrooms, and salt. Cook until onions are soft.
  3. Mix in the brown rice.
  4. Place peppers in the dish and fill with turkey/rice mixture.
  5. Spoon most of the sauce over the peppers, replace the tops of the peppers, then add remaining sauce.
  6. Cover and cook for 40 minutes, remove and enjoy!

stove 026

I wasn’t sure how these would turn out but Kevin and I really liked them. I am a huge fan of peppers and onions. Any time I order pizza it always has green pepper and onions, and they are also pretty tasty on an omelet. Do you like stuffed peppers? What do you like on your pizza? Have you been the happy owner of an LG appliance? Or maybe even a double oven range?

Have a lovely Wednesday and enjoy these last 12 days of Christmas!

11-11-11 @ 11:11:11 =)

11 Nov

Make a Wish!

(Image via – maybe these are banana, lol)

This deserves it’s very own post.  It is 11/11/11 and the time is now 11:11 AM (at least in my timezone it is).  What were you doing on at this very moment?  I am probably stuck in my office asking a patient “Which is better, 11 or 11?”

ABC’s and a blogger award

26 Oct

Happy Wednesday everyone!  I am happy to say that Shari at Turn Style Vogue has awarded me “The Versatile Blogger Award.”

Gosh, I don’t know where this began, but Thanks Shari!  The rules of the award are as follows:

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave the award to you.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Send it along to 15 other (new/newer) bloggers and let them know you have awarded them!

Since I am so Versatile, I am going to mix it up.  Instead of 7 things about me I am going to share 26 things that make me smile…

Alfredo (image via  I will admit I had trouble getting this list started, but then I thought of one of my favorite foods-fettuccini alfredo.  My mom makes the best alfredo…perhaps I can share the recipe someday soon =)

Boots.  I love getting a new pair (or 2) of boots every fall.  These are beautiful…. (from Nordstrom)

Tory Burch Leather Riding Boot (Nordstrom Exclusive)

Cupcakes.  You can never go wrong with cupcakes.

cupcakesAndTshirt 006

Dogs.  I keep telling Kevin that one just isn’t enough.


Entertaining.  I love every part of having friends and family over: the planning, preparing, and mostly the company.

blog6.10.11 073



Above is my family and below is Kevin’s…


German Raspberries (image via  Sweet sugary goodness.

Husband.  Kevin always makes me smile.


iPhone (image via).  What would I do without my iphone?  How else would I take random pics when I am out and about?

Jewelry  I love beads and making jewelry.  I wish I had time to take some metal working and/or glass bead making classes…hopefully soon!

beadsandyarn 006

Knitting.  Another one of my favorite activities.  I just bought some yarn to make a cowl.

beadsandyarn 010

LASIK (image via  I am so glad I had LASIK; I should have done it sooner!


Missions.  I have taken part in three international missions where I have traveled to other countries providing eye exams for those in need.  The memories I have from these trips will always make me smile.

Nephews and Niece.  My brother has 3 boys (and maybe one more on the way…unless my sister-in-law finally gets a baby girl!), and Kevin’s brother has 2 boys…that’s a lot of nephews!  And we have one niece…

photo (40)

photo (41)

outdoorsAndSlipcover 013outdoorsAndSlipcover 007photo (39)

Owls.  I have tons (and the collection keeps growing), and they all make me smile.

WallAndStuff 046

Pajamas.  Probably my favorite article of clothing.  I kinda think we need these:

Hoodie-Footie™ Winter Whimsy for Men & Women

Quiet (image via) I love it when it is quiet.  I do not like noise.

Red.  My mom always told me “red was my color.”  This shirt from BR would fit the bill (fun fact: I worked at BR back in the college days)…

Salted Caramels (image via).  Who figured out that these two things go together oh so well?

Tights.  I love all the crazy tights out there now-a-days.  It does make me sad when they get holes in them…but they are fun while they last.  These pretty ones are from Nordstrom:

Betsey Johnson Lacy Tights

Urban Lofts (image via) .  As soon as Kevin and I win the lottery we are planning on buying some random old factory and transforming it into our urban oasis…until then we are stuck at the corner of Main, lol.

Versatile Blogger Award.  Yahoo!

Whoopie Pies (image via).  I lived in Maine about 7 years ago, and I remember going to this little bakery in the nearby town; they had the best pumpkin whoopie pies.  I have yet to find another as delicious…

Xtend Barre (image via  After all the candy and whoopie pies I need to do something to stay in shape (or at least pretend like I am trying).  I recently started to take Xtend Barre classes and Pilates….so far so good, and I definitely feel better after each class!

Yellow (image via décor pad).  Everything is better with a hint of yellow.

Z Gallerie.  I pretty much like everything here.  These doggie ornaments are too funny:

And there you have what makes me smile from A to Z  Smile

Maybe we can hear what makes these 7 bloggers smile because I am passing this award to them:

Ainhoa @ A Little Bit of Everything

Brandi @ His Shabby, Her Chic

Erin @ His and Hers

Genelle @ Singing Nelle

Jenna @ Wilson and Pugs

Jenny @ House Full of Pretty

Krystle @ Color Transformed Family

Ok, ladies, either follow the rules or mix it up and share what makes you smile from A to Z!  If you have already received the award don’t worry about re-doing it…that just means you are a Super Duper Versatile Blogger!


26 Sep

We are making some changes over here at Corner of Main!  You may have noticed last week I added a new header, and today we have added a new page:  Our Home.  If you want to take a tour of our home room by room check out the new page above!  If you check it out, what do you think?

This weekend I did some fall decorating and crafting.  We are having an anniversary party for Kevin’s parents on Saturday, so I am trying to get the house looking it’s best.  What were you up to this weekend?  Have you done anything fall-like?  Maybe….

Apple picking?

An oldie, but a goodie: Apple picking 2009


Best Apple Pie I've ever made

Maybe a new craft project?

Mittens I made last winter

I love knitting.  I need to start a new project that I can do on the train to and from work 🙂

Speaking of working, tomorrow I am going to show you what I was working on this weekend, so come back!!

Keeping it Simple

23 Sep
I am guilty…I must admit that I spent 2 hours watching Grey’s Anatomy and now it is late and I have to wake up at 4:45 AM.  Therefore, Friday’s post is simple:
I don’t know who’s child that is, or who made that hat (is that a hat, or is that photoshoped?), but it is fantastic and it makes me laugh.  Image via Pinterest from
What makes you smile?  Have you found anything great on pinterest lately? Anyone still not on that site? If so, message me and I can invite you =)
Have a wonderful weekend!

Frosty the Basil Leaf

15 Sep

Well, it is officially fall (actually it felt like winter this AM) in Chicagoland.  I awoke to it being 66 degrees in the house (and it definitely was in the 30’s overnight); I was pretty close to turning on the heat, but I held out.  Hopefully our lovebird, Mr. Crackers, doesn’t mind the chilly house.


With all the talk of the temperature dropping I recalled an article I had read in September’s Martha Stewart Living about drying herbs.  According to the article (page 6)  it is important to remove your herbs from outdoors before the first frost.  The first frost happens when the temperature outside goes below 32 for a short period of time.  Chicago’s first frost should be around the beginning of October, but it can come in September.

If you read one of my first few posts you may recall that Kevin and I made a tomato tree that also had basil and oregano.

Our Tomato Tree

With the temps going into the 30’s last night we decided to be proactive with all of our basil and oregano, and bring it inside to dry.  We had quite a bit…



All we had to do was use some twine and tie the bunches up…

Twine & Herbs

Tying the bunches

Then hang them in a cool, dry place for about 4-10 days.

Hanging out in the basement

And now we wait...

When the leaves are crisp we can remove the leaves from the stems and put them a jar.  According to Martha they should last for about six months if sealed well.  Hopefully it works and they don’t fall all over the basement floor….although Stewie might enjoy that!

Have you dried any herbs before?  Has it gotten chilly where you live? Hopefully the weather is nice for you this weekend!  We are going apple picking with my family…I think I see apple pie in our future!

Today I am partying at:

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