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Golden Girl

11 Dec

I am a covered in gold glitter, hence the title.  This reminded of the other day when the cashier at Hobby Lobby told me it’s not the holidays unless he goes home covered in glitter!  Lol, I love it.  Mission accomplished!

I have been playing with my glue gun and my glittery gold snowflakes (again).  This week’s creation is a wreath for our mantel.  I love how it turned out:

MantelDec112011 022

It’s pretty self explanatory, but here’s the details….

  • Gather your supplies:

PaintWreath 011

  • Wrap ribbon around the wreath (hot gluing the ends to the back of the wreath):

PaintWreath 012

  • Glue on snowflakes.  I found some old silver snowflakes with our Christmas ornaments and alternated them with the  gold ones to mix it up a bit:

PaintWreath 016

  • After I applied all the snowflakes, I added a glittery “Merry Christmas Ornament”  (first I cut off the ring above the “r”):


PaintWreath 018

  • Next I covered a wreath holder with gold ribbon and hung on our mantel mirror.  Merry Christmas!

MantelDec112011 005

I love how the wreath adds some sparkle to our mantel.  You can also see Kevin’s Department 56 Collection.   These little buildings are so cute.  We have a fire station (because Kevin is a fireman),

MantelDec112011 014

a New Orleans Café (because Kevin loves NOLA),

MantelTake2 005

a Tiffany Lamp shop (because Kevin loves stained glass lamps),

MantelTake2 004

an Ice Skating Rink (complete with moving ice skaters…I think this one was just cute, we are not big ice skaters!),

MantelDec112011 018

The Art Institute of Chicago  (we love Chicago),

MantelTake2 008

and a Church (this reminds me of Holy Name in Chicago)…

MantelTake2 010

And of course, a real mantel would not be complete without stockings.  Can you guess who’s is who’s?

MantelDec112011 011

No we don’t have any children….Stewie (our Jack Russell terrier mix) and Mr. Crackers (our peach faced love bird) need stockings too!  Anyone else out there have stockings for your pet?  I am sure there are a lot of dog owners who do so, but is there anything more exotic than a love bird getting gifts from Santa?

Have a great week!

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Look What They Made 3

9 Dec

Hello and happy Friday!  It has been a while since I have written about the amazing creativity of some fellow bloggers.  As usual, there are a ton of wonderful things to see and be inspired by out there….but I managed to narrow it down to six fabulous items.  You may want to check out all of their blogs!  Here goes:

1.  Tree Branch Art @ At Home with K

How simple and cute.

2.  DIY Reindeer head @ It’s Just Me

OMG, this is awesome…how creative!

3.  Beautiful Nursery and a Pink Clothespin Mirror @ The Color Transformed Family

The nursery turned out so cute and the pop of pink is adorable.

4.  Hankie Runner @ Hating Martha


I think I need to make something like this when the dining room is finally done!

5.  Advent Mantel @ Life in the Thrifty Lane

This looks like a lot of work, but I love the finished mantel!

6.  DIY Greek Key Euro Sham @ House Full of Pretty

Beautiful!  Who needs to spend a small fortune on a huge pillow?!  Jenny’s custom look is perfect!

What are your plans for the weekend?  Kevin and I are having a Christmas Party in a week so we probably need to start planning that…and it might be good if we cleaned the house and put up some holiday décor….

Well, whatever your plans are, enjoy!

Handmade Embellished Frame

4 Dec

Hi!  How was your weekend?  Did you get a lot done?  Christmas shopping or DIY-ing perhaps?  I did a little bit of both (actually a lot of painting-more on that later this week, a little bit of shopping and a teenie bit of crafting).

Today is week 4 ouf 6 of Kim’s Dare to DIY party.

Dare to DIY

Today’s Dare is “give homemade gifts!”

I set out to make a hand embellished photo frame, and here is what I came up with….

Dec4 082

Who doesn’t like a little owl every now and then?

Dec4 084

The frame was simple to make, but the embroidery was a little time consuming.  Here is what I started with:

Dec4 050

I used a frame of cardboard that fit just over the picture frame:

Dec4 056

And a square of burlap larger than the frames (perhaps a different material would have been better-and also more contrast between fabric and floss, but this is my first attempt at making one of these).  Here’s a quick tutorial of the embellishment:


One:  Cut out fabric larger than the frame.

Two:  Trace the frame so you know your boundaries while creating image.  I used a light pink highlighter so it would not show on the right side.

Three – Nine:  Creating the image with colored floss.  I basically just free handed a pic and tried to make it look similar to my drawing….


Ten:  cut out a square of batting and cut and “X” in the center.

Eleven:  Begin to hot glue the batting around the frame.

Twelve:  Finish gluing batting.

Thirteen:  Cut an “X” in the center of the burlap/fabric.

Fourteen:  Glue the burlap/fabric in the same way as the batting.

Fifteen:  Completed back; I added a touch of clear nail polish to the inner corners so the burlap would not shred.

Sixteen:  Hot glue the front of the picture frame to the back of the cardboard frame.

Ta-da!  There you have it.

Dec4 081

Of course you can apply this to any fabric and any frame.  You can make a custom one with a name or whatever floats your boat!

Have you made any Christmas gifts this year?  I think I am going to attempt to make something (possibly eatable)  for my co-workers…we’ll see how that goes!

Check out more fabulous handmade gifts at Newly Woodwards!

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A Week Late and a Candle Short

2 Dec

Holy Cow!  It’s December.  Where is the time going?  I didn’t even realize that Advent began last Sunday….oops.  Kevin has asked me to make an Advent wreath a few weeks ago, but I got side tracked by hanging snowflakes from the chandelier and having a pretend dinner party (Crazy? Yes, but you can read about that here).  Both Kevin and myself are Catholic, but I had never had an Advent wreath in our house growing up.  I searched for some images of Advent wreaths to get an idea of what I needed to do.  While they are very meaningful and special, none of them were as “pretty” as I would like…

Advent wreath

Images via, via, and via.

The prefect place for the wreath is on the dining room table, so I took down the snowflakes (sniffle, sniffle) because I didn’t want to catch them on fire.  Here is another look at our dining room table last week:


And our new Advent wreath as a centerpiece:

Wreath 036

Please ignore the half painted walls and the green painters tape (we are slowly but surely coming along with the dining room redo).

I love my new “prettier” version of the Advent wreath, and it was super simple to make.  I started with this”:

Wreath 001

  • 5 Brass candle holders from a thrift store ($1.29 – $1.99 each)
  • 1 Faux evergreen wreath
  • 3 Purple candles, 1 rose candle, and 1 white candle
  • Ribbon
  • 5 Gold branches (I really only needed 3)
  • Wire & Scissors

First I added the branches to the center of the wreath…

Wreath 007

After I added branches all the way around, I put the candle holders thru the bottom of the wreath (between the 2 wires the wreath was made of):

Wreath 017

When flipped around I had this:

Wreath 030

As well as a ton of glitter EVERYWHERE…

Wreath 014

Next came the final holder with a bow and all the candles….

Wreath 043

What do you think?  Does anyone else use an Advent wreath?  I know calendars are very popular, and I read something about an Advent clock…anyone use those?  I like my little wreath, and I think the meaning behind it is probably better than glittery snowflakes.  I am looking forward to lighting two of the candles this weekend.

On that note, have a lovely weekend!

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Paisley Print Checkered Tab Top Curtains

30 Nov

Well, I did it, I finished the bathroom curtain that I was so excited about a few weeks ago.  I guess it has been done for a while, but I haven’t gotten around to showing everyone till now.  My big plan was to use these two fabrics:


I think the plan worked  Here is what I came up with:

Curtains2 002

I know it’s not super exciting, but it is much better than what we had before:


I used the old curtain as a guide and made a large rectangle out of the new paisley fabric…


I hemmed both sides as well as the top, then hung it on the rod to see how long I should make the tabs…


I more or less eye-balled the tabs.  Basically I made a two really long tubes of the check fabric, turned them right side out and cut them into equal strips.




I attached the tabs at equal spaces along the top (with the sewing machine)…


Then added some iron on hem tape to the top edge so the tab would not be floppy….



At this point I hung the curtain up and did the happy dance because it actually worked!


After dancing, I pinned the bottom up, hemmed it, and added the final stripe with iron-on tape.



And there you have it- Paisley Print Checkered Tab Top Curtains!  Have you made any window treatments for your home?  I think this may be my first attempt at curtains.

Curtains2 002

I just need a few more things for this little powder room to be complete.  Hopefully I can get those completed soon =)  What is on your do-to list?

Have a fabulous Wednesday!!
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Curtain Fabric!

16 Nov

This post totally needs an exclamation point because I am pretty darn excited about this fabric!  I actually found four that I loved in the store, but once I got home with all four (yes I bought all of them-I was very indecisive in the store) I decided right away.  Have you ever bought way too many of one thing and then returned them or just kept them all?  Keeping them all is definitely more fun.

This weekend I made my way to Hancock Fabrics with my handy dandy room color cards.


And I came home with 1.5 yards each these four pretty prints (they were, at least, 50% off so I don’t feel too bad):


I love them all, and I thought for sure the one on the right would be the winner of this race, but the clear winner was the one next to it.  Here are some pics of each hanging on the curtain rod (please ignore the wrinkles)…


This print was definitely in second place, it looks almost solid from far, but when you get up close you see the tiny check print.  It looks nice with the white woodwork and the stencil wall, so I think it will make it’s way into the room one way or another.

The next one was my least favorite (too dark):


I thought for sure I would love the one below in the room because the print is similar to the stencil, but not too matchy….I was wrong (perhaps too graphic?).


This kind of feels like the three bears here.  One was too tiny, one was too dark, one was too graphic…and one was just right!


Ahh…it’s so pretty.  It matches perfectly and I love the print.



My master plan is to make a curtain with this one and the check fabric as an accent.


Please stop back to see how the finished product looks!

What projects are you working on this week?

Giving Thanks

13 Nov

Hi!  Did you enjoy your weekend?  Mine was fantastic.  Saturday my brother and sister-in-law had us and some other friends over for a “Beef Brisket party.”  He spent all day (seriously like 12 hours) smoking a beef brisket in his new smoker, and BBQ-ing ribs.

photo (3)photo (2)

It  was great, and I was glad I wore stretch denim.  Sunday my parents came over, and my dad helped me plan out wainscoting for our dining room.  All the wood has been purchased, but there is a lot of assembly left to do.  Here is a sneak peek:


More on that when we get closer to completion….

Can you believe Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK?!  Holy cow.  A couple of weeks ago I said I was going to swap the jack-o-lanterns for turkeys, pilgrims and Indians….well I finally added a little bit of Thanksgiving to our house this weekend with a fall banner.

A few years ago Kevin got me the Cricut die cut machine for my birthday; since I haven’t used it in a while I thought I would bust it out.  Here is what I started with:



After cutting I was left with a pile of pieces (Kevin polished the dining room table and it looks so nice)….


that I put together layer by layer….

leaf collage

Then I connected with yarn and hung on our mantel….



November is a time to Give Thanks!



What are you thankful for?  I am definitely thankful for my loving family (Thank you Rob and Carolyn for feeding us yummy food this weekend,  and Mom and Dad for coming all the way to our home to help!).

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