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Another year younger

28 Dec

Hello and welcome back!  I hope you enjoyed your weekend and week for that matter…and had a very Merry Christmas.

The other day was my 33rd birthday (yep, it will happen to you some day if it hasn’t already).    I celebrated it by spending the day at work…boo!   The night before my birthday we had our family over to enjoy some pizza and birthday cake, so at least I was able to enjoy my birthday a day ahead of time!  Kevin made my favorite:  funfetti cake.


Anyone else out there enjoy a little funfetti every now and then?  I know my nephews love it also…as I am sure most 2-6 year olds do.   (Did anyone notice little Stewart in the pic?  He was fixated on Kevin instead of the blazing inferno)

Anyway…enough about that…

Six months ago I made a list of things around the house I wanted to accomplish by 12/27/11.  Let’s see how we did:

1. Purchase items for the master bedroom:  floor mirror, floor lamp, chair, accessories/art, area rug?  1 out of 5 on this one.

2. Organize closet in master bedroom   Nope, still empty of clothes, but full of random things like leftover grasscloth and tools.

3. Paint guest bedroom  Nope

4. Purchase items for guest bedroom:  bedding, window treatments, nightstand, accessories/art, TV and stand? I made over a nightstand with decoupage if that counts. 2 out of 5 is getting better!

5. Paint office/craft room  Nope

6. Purchase & install shelves and/or furniture for craft room We more or less did this by using things we already had

7. Organize office/craft room Yes!

8.  Paint full bath Yes!

9.  Paint fixtures in bath (or replace)  Yes, and they are still holding up just fine!

10.  Purchase items for bath:  new medicine cabinet (or just fix existing one), window treatment, storage unit/dresser, art/accessories .  50% here, we decided to go with a mirror and ditch the medicine cabinet.  We still need to find a storage unit and some more art.

11.  Paint upstairs hallway & walls in stairway   No way!  I am thinking 2013 for this one!

12.  Create a wall of photos for stair/hallway   No, I did hang 2 pictures in the hallway upstairs, but that’s about it.

13.  Install carpet runner on stairs   Ha!  Maybe 2014!

14.  Paint foyer   No

15.  Purchase items for foyer:  hall tree or bench, accessories/art No

16.  Paint living room   No; this is definitely on the 2012 list which hopefully I will make next week.

17.  Purchase items for living room:  all new furniture (eek…sofa, coffee and end tables, etc), art/accessories    Twenty twelve here we come!

18.  Replace tile on fireplace    No

19.  Decorate fireplace mantel  Yes, a couple times actually!

20.  Have chimney repaired (tuck-pointing and various other things I am not familiar with)  Eek.  We need to do this!

21.  Paint dining room  Work in progress…almost done!

22. Put up chair (or plate) rail & add detail wood to lower 1/2 of wall   Yes!

23.  Finish dining room chairs (paint and recover)   Yahoo!

24.  Purchase additional items for dining room:  2 parson’s chairs, fabric, art/accessories, window treatments  This is also a work in progress.  My next bigger purchase will probably be window treatments, a small buffet, and art/accessories.

25.  Organize china and crystal in the china cabinets  Yes!

26.  Make slip covers for parson’s chairs  Kinda.  I made 1.5 of these.  Perhaps I should just get it done this weekend!

27.  Purchase & install new kitchen cabinet doors  No, we decided to save and just get all new cabinets (maybe 2013 for this one)

28.  Paint cabinets, doors, and walls in kitchen   Nope

29.  Install new floors and countertops    Nope

30. Purchase items for the kitchen:  stove/oven (ours is ok, but one of these days I am going to singe off my eyebrows…that will be a good look), small flat-screen TV, smaller table and chair set, window blinds (or clean existing…if possible)   Stove/oven has been purchased and it’s awesome!  I almost got Kevin a new TV for Christmas, but I have a problem with watching TV and eating dinner….I think it is the worst idea ever.  Anyone out there agree with me?  The blinds we have are hopeless, we definitely still need to replace them as well as the small table we have currently. 

31.  Install heat in the sunroom  Done, but it is not very warm =( We may have to have someone come out to fix it.

32.  Purchase items for the sunroom:  accent chairs, tables, lamps, cellular shades and drapes?, Entertainment center, art/accessories   2012!

33. Purchase items for the 1/2 bath:  small white cabinet/table, art/accessories.  My dad just made us a cabinet (for my birthday in fact).  I’ll have to show it off next week.

There you have it.  Not too bad for living in our house 10 months.  As time goes by it is easier to figure out what we need to do next.  What is next on your list?  Are you going to make a list for 2012?

Speaking of 2012…it’s next week!  We are working on a new look here at Corner of Main.  I will be taking a blogging break till next week when we can reveal our new look.    Have a Happy New Year!!


Guest Post at Nikki’s Nacs

21 Dec

Hello and Happy Wednesday!  Today I am happy to announce that I am writing a guest post at Nikki’s Nacs.  I am excited to share what I would do with $200 extra bucks in….

I picked out a few things for our master bedroom.  Come take a peek!

Those Funny Signs on Pinterest

18 Nov

TGIF! That’s all I have to say. This was a rough week at work, so I wanted to write about something that made me laugh.

I know we have all seen them: those funny signs on Pinterest. Have you pinned any? You know what I am talking about. They look like vintage drawings and most of them are totally inappropriate, but make you chuckle anyway.

Here are some of my favorite (non-offensive) ones.

This one could not be more accurate. I love it! :

Pinned Image

The last time I went camping was years ago, but in all honesty it is just not for me…

Pinned Image

I agree with this (lol):

Pinned Image

Someday this might be me:

Pinned Image

And this already is me:

Pinned Image

This last one is awesome. I pinned it hoping that one day I could incorporate it into a funny gallery wall, similar to the one seen here (at Big D & Me):

Didn’t Jennifer do an amazing job? I love it. She even has printables on her blog….you should probably check it out!

The issue I had was where on earth was I going to get this funny sign? I suppose I could have just printed it off and framed it, but as luck would have it, I actually found it! When we were in New Orleans I found it printed on tin at the French Market. Here she is:


Hopefully I can find some more funny prints to add to the collection.

Do you have a gallery wall in your house? What about art in your kitchen?

Have a beautiful weekend and keep laughing! Laughing out loud

Oh, and you definitely want to come back next week!! If all goes well, we will be having our first ever give away here at Corner of Main. Here’s a hint from one of my old blog posts….

Less Than Three Weeks…

4 Nov

till Thanksgiving!  Can you believe it?  Fall is flying by here; Christmas is around the corner!  Has anyone started Christmas shopping?  I haven’t even thought about it yet; usually I am planning and making purchases way ahead of time, but not this year.  Maybe I will wait till after Thanksgiving to worry about it…as long as I avoid the mall on black Friday…yuck!  Does anyone have a regular Black Friday routine?  Maybe you stay up all night eating pumpkin pie with your family and then you load into someone’s minivan and hit the shops at 3 AM?  Or do you set you alarm for midnight and get a move on?  I can honestly say I do not think I have gone shopping the day after Thanksgiving (maybe my mom can refresh my memory, but I really don’t think so).

Before the shopping madness begins we have just three weeks to think of all the things we are thankful for and prepare for turkey day!  Hopefully this weekend I can make a few things for the house, pack away the jack-o-lanterns, and get myself ready for Thanksgiving.  I was just peeking at Pinterest for some inspiration, and here is what I found:

How pretty and simple (via Dear Lillie – she also has the cutest life -sized ruler on the same post as this pillow-it is really awesome and I think I am going to pin it)

I think I could whip up a banner for the mantel this weekend, and At Second Street even has the free printable for the one above.

Pilgrim Hat Cookies

I probably won’t make these cute lil’ hats this weekend, but they would be perfect to bring to a party!

Pinned Image

This Holiday Glow OPI polish is kinda perfect for Thanksgiving, I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’!

We all know we can go crazy on Pinterest, so I’ll stop here.

More about Thanksgiving later in the month.  I am actually going to take part in the “Dare to DIY party” with Kim over at NewlyWoodwards.  It’s all about DIY-ing thru the holidays.  Check out the link and join the party!

Have a lovely weekend!

Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

This year I have consumed more candy corn than I care to admit.  There were a few days when I thought maybe I was going to turn into a piece of candy corn…

In honor of today and my sugary obsession, here are some sweet corn inspired Pinterest finds:

Pinned Image

Corn-filled Cupcake

Screen shot 2011 09 09 at 8.09.22 AM Halloween  Cookies

Corny Cookies

Candy Corn Parfaits Recipe

Candy Corn Parfaits

Pinned Image

Pumpkins Dressed up as Candy Corn

Pinned Image

Corn Manicure

I hope you get your fill of candy (or maybe just corn) today!  Anyone else out there eat too much sugar this month?  What is your favorite Halloween candy?  Any great Halloween memories or traditions you’d like to share?

Waiting for the Chain…

19 Oct

The order has been placed and now I am waiting…waiting for my Chain Link Stencil.   I have been wanting to add a stencil somewhere in our house, and I thought our half bath would be just the place.  Earlier this year we painted it Benjamin Moore Sea View Blue.  I love the color, but the room is still kind of boring.

blogJune19 096

I had a hard time deciding which stencil to order.  Eventually I would like to put a damask stencil in our living room, so I wanted to select something different for the powder room.  I hope I like it….if I don’t Kevin already told me I have to repaint the room (he painted it blue the first time).

I haven’t decided what color to do the stencil in.  I can do something metallic like this wall that Courtney did (found via Centsational Girl):

Here is another metallic example from Project Queen (via Pinterest); I like how she used a metallic taupe:

Another option would be just using white, which would be much more graphic and bold.  This entire room from Vintage Revivals is beautiful (you should probably check it out), and the stenciled wall is so cute (found via Pinterest):

Final ERM 4 065

Perhaps more of a tone on tone, like this wall (from via Pinterest), would look good:

Pinned Image

I am about 80% sure I will do the more subtle metallic option.  I am thinking about a pearly white or champagne.  I need to get a few options and try them out on a sample board.

What do you think?  Subtle or bold?  Have you stenciled anything?  Any tips for applying the stencil and painting?

Hopefully once the stencil is up I will be more motivated to find a small storage unit for this room and make a new curtain…I have been thinking about doing this for months….and months.   Is there anything you have been meaning to do forever?

Maybe I need to stop typing and start doing!  Have a great Wednesday Smile

Itsy Bitsy Teeney Weeney

9 Sep

I started writing a post about small spaces the other day, but never finished it.  Tonight I watched this week’s Design Star (thank goodness for On-Demand)…and what did they have to do?  Design an entire tiny house!  What they came up with was pretty cool, but I am not sure I could live in a 100 sq foot home…do you think you could?

Yikes! That's it! Via HGTV

I know a little about tiny living because I lived in a one bedroom condo that was less than 400 square feet for about 4 years (and for part of that Kevin lived there with me)!  400 square feet doesn’t sound like much at all (and it really isn’t), but you can make it work with some careful planning.  My condo had everything you need:  bath with tub and shower, bedroom with closet, living space, desk area, kitchen with fridge/micro/stove/oven/dishwasher, eating area, and even a hall closet and washer/dryer.

Obviously you need to make use of every inch of space.  Check out this photo taken from Apartment Therapy:


Storing books overhead via Apartment Therapy

They found a creative way to organize and display books where there would be otherwise wasted space.  At my old place I did something similar with my books (excuse the grainy photos…these we taken with my old camera):

Books displayed overhead

The above picture was taken from the living room looking towards the bedroom.   The area where the books are is actually the ledge above my bedroom closet.  I made the most out of this space by displaying books on the living room/kitchen side and then added baskets on the side of the bedroom which held sweaters and/or items that I did not use frequently.  I was lucky enough to have a small storage unit in the basement of my building; this allowed me to rotate my clothes for the seasons…no point in having your down coat take up valuable closest space in the summer!

Another great space to really utilize is under the bed…


I love how they lofted the bed in this room without making it feel like a dorm room.  I could have done something like this, but I opted for more of a “bed nook:”

Bedroom Nook

You can see I have a couple of under the bed boxes that I used all the time to store articles of clothing.   These rectangular baskets were from Ikea and slid in and out easily with the felt feet on the bottom.  I do not have a photo of it, but at the foot of the bed I had a shelf that held more baskets filled with purses and various accessories.  I also don’t have a pic of the pretty black crystal chandelier I had hanging over the bed…trust me, it was cute.

In tiny spaces it is important to select appropriately scaled furniture and do not block the windows.


My small and comfy sofa worked well in the tiny space:

My old living area

It fit perfectly against the brick wall (I really needed some art above the sofa, but these photos were taken before I listed the condo for sale and I was going for “less is more”).  One thing you can see in this photo is the ottoman/coffee table/storage bin…having multiple uses for items is key in a small space!  That little ottoman was actually my linen “closet.”     I was also able to fit two small bar stools against the kitchen peninsula which served as the unit’s eating area.    Opposite the sofa wall was my little desk that also fit just right.

Office Area

I still have the desk and that print hanging in my new office/craft room (the new room is probably about the same size as my old living room and office area combined!).

Now as far as the kitchen goes, it definitely could have been tinier…like this guy’s:



Now that’s a tiny kitchen!  I do like to cook so I chose a unit with a larger kitchen and decent counter space.  I actually think the kitchen in my condo was planned better than the one in our house…

Well laid out condo kitchen

And there is just one other little room that we can tour…

Full bath

Just because it was small doesn’t mean it had to be boring;  I loved that vessel sink and the damask  shower curtain.

What do you think, could you live in a tiny house or a small condo?  I think the more room you have the more stuff you get!

Have a great weekend 🙂