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Guest Post at Nikki’s Nacs

21 Dec

Hello and Happy Wednesday!  Today I am happy to announce that I am writing a guest post at Nikki’s Nacs.  I am excited to share what I would do with $200 extra bucks in….

I picked out a few things for our master bedroom.  Come take a peek!



16 Dec

It seems like everyone is talking trees lately, so I should probably join in on the fun.  Earlier this week Kevin and I went to a tree farm and cut down our own tree.  I vaguely remember doing this many years ago with my parents, but Kevin had never done this before.  Hopefully this is going to be a new Christmas tradition for us!  Where do you get your tree?  Do most people get them at random lots on the side of the road or maybe even Home Depot?  That’s where we usually go, and I think most people in Chicago do the same.   Or do you brave the elements and cut one down at a farm?

The farm we went to was about 45 minutes from our house, and there were quite a few trees to choose from…


We walked around a good portion of the lot in search of our first tree for the corner of Main.  We weren’t exactly sure how big was too big.  I figured as long as it wasn’t much taller than me with my arms up we would be good to go….


I know, very precise measuring here.  (Please ignore the fact that it looks like my clothes don’t fit, I don’t usually walk around like this).

Once we found the perfect tree, Kevin got to work with the saw.


Then we Kevin had to carry it to where the tractor could pick it up:


Then came Santa…


Who picked  up our tree, and met us at the check out!


Thanks Santa!

After it was wrapped and tied, we were headed home in no time.


After a few lights and some pretty ornaments here she is:

ChristmasFunDec14 033

Ha!  I guess my measuring technique wasn’t the most accurate.  We didn’t exactly account for the height of the star.

ChristmasFunDec14 035

It needs a little work, but we are feeling a bit lazy right now.  Maybe the this tree will get a little trim tomorrow!

Now, our other tree is good to go….

Kevin’s mom gave us this one at our wedding shower in 2010, and this is the first year we are taking it out.

ChristmasFunDec14 027

We don’t exactly have any type of “theme” on either of the trees.  I may visit some stores the day after Christmas to pick up some discounted items for next year.  I love the look of our personal hodge podge of ornaments, but I also love color coordinated trees.  What do you prefer?  Mix and match or one uniform color?  What about real or artificial?

What do you have planned for the weekend?  Kevin and I are hosting a Christmas party for a few friends on Saturday.  Hopefully we take some good pics to share next week!

Golden Girl

11 Dec

I am a covered in gold glitter, hence the title.  This reminded of the other day when the cashier at Hobby Lobby told me it’s not the holidays unless he goes home covered in glitter!  Lol, I love it.  Mission accomplished!

I have been playing with my glue gun and my glittery gold snowflakes (again).  This week’s creation is a wreath for our mantel.  I love how it turned out:

MantelDec112011 022

It’s pretty self explanatory, but here’s the details….

  • Gather your supplies:

PaintWreath 011

  • Wrap ribbon around the wreath (hot gluing the ends to the back of the wreath):

PaintWreath 012

  • Glue on snowflakes.  I found some old silver snowflakes with our Christmas ornaments and alternated them with the  gold ones to mix it up a bit:

PaintWreath 016

  • After I applied all the snowflakes, I added a glittery “Merry Christmas Ornament”  (first I cut off the ring above the “r”):


PaintWreath 018

  • Next I covered a wreath holder with gold ribbon and hung on our mantel mirror.  Merry Christmas!

MantelDec112011 005

I love how the wreath adds some sparkle to our mantel.  You can also see Kevin’s Department 56 Collection.   These little buildings are so cute.  We have a fire station (because Kevin is a fireman),

MantelDec112011 014

a New Orleans Café (because Kevin loves NOLA),

MantelTake2 005

a Tiffany Lamp shop (because Kevin loves stained glass lamps),

MantelTake2 004

an Ice Skating Rink (complete with moving ice skaters…I think this one was just cute, we are not big ice skaters!),

MantelDec112011 018

The Art Institute of Chicago  (we love Chicago),

MantelTake2 008

and a Church (this reminds me of Holy Name in Chicago)…

MantelTake2 010

And of course, a real mantel would not be complete without stockings.  Can you guess who’s is who’s?

MantelDec112011 011

No we don’t have any children….Stewie (our Jack Russell terrier mix) and Mr. Crackers (our peach faced love bird) need stockings too!  Anyone else out there have stockings for your pet?  I am sure there are a lot of dog owners who do so, but is there anything more exotic than a love bird getting gifts from Santa?

Have a great week!

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No Way in Yell…ow: A Dining Room Update

7 Dec

We are really close to having a completely painted/updated dining room! Yahoo. We have done A LOT of painting over the last week (more coats than any normal person should have to apply, it was my fault, but we will get to that later). Let’s start from the beginning.

Here is a look at my favorite room of the house when we moved in (read more here):

blogJune19 032

And here is the moodboard I made about 10 months ago (the yellow on the board was not as bright on my ipad when I was creating it…so keep that in mind):

I love anything yellow and gray, so I was excited to get started on this room. First I found some fabulous green chairs at a local thrift shop and made those over with the perfect fabric (read about that here and here):


I purchased 2 Pier 1 parsons chairs for the head of the table, and made 1.5 slip covers in a coordinating fabric (I am soooo close to being done with the second one, but they are pretty time consuming to make! Read more here and here).

outdoorsAndSlipcover 099

I am still working on creating a plate gallery for the wall to the right in the above pic; just a few more plates and we should be good to go.

The next thing we did in the room was add wainscoting and chair rail. Can you see how the wall is painted two different colors (also in the above pic)? We think the previous owners were in the middle of adding chair rail also. Well, we finished the job and one up-ed them with the wainscoting. Here is a look at that going up:


My dad and I started it, then Kevin finished it up…


Kevin added a secret note to whoever rips the molding down one day (hopefully it will stay up forever!!)…it’s like a mini time capsule:

BlogNov27 030

After the molding went up, Kevin patched and sanded all the nail holes and we were ready to paint. The lower half of the wall, all the woodwork, and the china cabinets got a fresh coat of white paint:

BlogNov27 069

The next step is where things went south. I was convinced yellow would look nice and bright and cheery. Our kitchen is yellow (for now), and it looks okay, so I figured the dining room would also look okay. WRONG. I definitely should have gotten a sample before purchasing the most expensive Benjamin Moore paint they make (in Lemon Drop). Wowza, it was bad. I am almost embarrassed to show this, but we are all friends here, right?!

Dec4 010

I don’t think the photo fully represents the sunshiny-headache-ness of the Lemon Drop Yellow. I used to like Lemonhead candies when I was younger, but when you ate too many your tongue hurts…the room was kind of like that…

Before the paint went up Kevin strongly encouraged me to select a color other than yellow, but I was insistent on bringing on the lemon. My bad. Since I made the poor decision, I quickly went out and purchased this:

Dec4 016

Bulls Eye to the rescue! The man at Ace Hardware told me this would cover the best, and I think he may have been correct, because now the room looks something like this:

Dec4 048

Lots of white! To be really safe we put on two coats of the primer. I even found some ceiling paint left over from our bathroom update, so I gave the entire ceiling a fresh coat. I am happy to report that there are no roller marks on the ceiling…that was quite an accomplishment if you ask me. Does anyone else have problems painting ceilings? The first ceiling I painted (our master bedroom) seriously took me about 5-6 coats. I think I finally figured it out.

Now it was back to the drawing board to select the wall color…and as you may have guessed from the title of this post…No way in H-E-double hockey sticks will our dining room be yellow!

We decided on gray, so I picked up every gray Benjamin Moore sample they had at Ace:

PaintWreath 001

We narrowed it down to a few, and I even bought a couple samples (I was scared to paint the wall, so I painted a piece of paper instead)….

PaintWreath 006

We didn’t want it too dark, and not too light either, so we decided to go with…wait for it…wait for it…

{Image found here.}

Pigeon Gray by Benjamin Moore. Pigeons are gross, but apparently they inspire pretty paint colors!

PaintWreath 008

The paint has been purchased, and I already know it is going to be a million times better than the yellow. Here’s what we have left for the room:

  1. Paint gray
  2. Touch up white
  3. Empty china cabinets and paint inside
  4. Hang plate wall
  5. Finish slipcover for parsons chair
  6. Buy new window treatments (I would like custom white shutters)
  7. Find a small buffet and possibly a rug

So in the last week, the room got 2 coats of yellow, then 2 coats of primer, and it now needs 2 coats of gray! Six coats in one week….can anyone beat that?? For your sake, I hope not!

Please check back to see how the gray turns out. Until then, enjoy the rest of your week!

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Paisley Print Checkered Tab Top Curtains

30 Nov

Well, I did it, I finished the bathroom curtain that I was so excited about a few weeks ago.  I guess it has been done for a while, but I haven’t gotten around to showing everyone till now.  My big plan was to use these two fabrics:


I think the plan worked  Here is what I came up with:

Curtains2 002

I know it’s not super exciting, but it is much better than what we had before:


I used the old curtain as a guide and made a large rectangle out of the new paisley fabric…


I hemmed both sides as well as the top, then hung it on the rod to see how long I should make the tabs…


I more or less eye-balled the tabs.  Basically I made a two really long tubes of the check fabric, turned them right side out and cut them into equal strips.




I attached the tabs at equal spaces along the top (with the sewing machine)…


Then added some iron on hem tape to the top edge so the tab would not be floppy….



At this point I hung the curtain up and did the happy dance because it actually worked!


After dancing, I pinned the bottom up, hemmed it, and added the final stripe with iron-on tape.



And there you have it- Paisley Print Checkered Tab Top Curtains!  Have you made any window treatments for your home?  I think this may be my first attempt at curtains.

Curtains2 002

I just need a few more things for this little powder room to be complete.  Hopefully I can get those completed soon =)  What is on your do-to list?

Have a fabulous Wednesday!!
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Lovely Crafty Home

Decorating the Table

20 Nov

Thanksgiving is just days away.  Are you having family and/or friends over?  Kevin and I will be spending the first half of the day at my brother and sister-in-law’s and then we will head to Kevin’s mom and dad’s.  It should be a wonderful day!

Kevin and I have yet to host a holiday in our home; hopefully someday soon!  In the mean time our beautiful china, crystal, and silverware are hiding in the cabinet….


Do you see another little peek of our new wainscoting here (I showed one pic last week)?  Kevin finished putting it up today, but we still have to patch nail holes and paint, so we will have to wait for the final reveal.  (I also have another slipcover to make for the head chairs, eek).

Even though we aren’t having family over I decided to take on the Dare to DIY challenge over at NewlyWoodards and Kate’s Table Scape Link Party at Centsational Girl, and set the table (well, kind of, I didn’t take out the silverware and napkins).   It was actually kind of fun to look at our beautiful wedding gifts!

Here is what our dining room looked like earlier this evening:


And now here it is with a little bit of holiday sparkle:




I purchased a $3.99 package of gold snowflake ornaments at WalMart last week (actually for another project that I hope to make soon), and I thought it might look pretty to hang them from the chandelier.  I just love how it turned out (I feel like the photos don’t do this justice, lol).


All I did was take varying lengths of thread and attach one snowflake to each side, then in hung them over the arms of the chandelier at different heights.


And for each place setting I set out our china and crystal with a touch of gold print ribbon.


Now all we need is some company and a delicious meal Winking smile


Oh and maybe some wine!

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Those Funny Signs on Pinterest

18 Nov

TGIF! That’s all I have to say. This was a rough week at work, so I wanted to write about something that made me laugh.

I know we have all seen them: those funny signs on Pinterest. Have you pinned any? You know what I am talking about. They look like vintage drawings and most of them are totally inappropriate, but make you chuckle anyway.

Here are some of my favorite (non-offensive) ones.

This one could not be more accurate. I love it! :

Pinned Image

The last time I went camping was years ago, but in all honesty it is just not for me…

Pinned Image

I agree with this (lol):

Pinned Image

Someday this might be me:

Pinned Image

And this already is me:

Pinned Image

This last one is awesome. I pinned it hoping that one day I could incorporate it into a funny gallery wall, similar to the one seen here (at Big D & Me):

Didn’t Jennifer do an amazing job? I love it. She even has printables on her blog….you should probably check it out!

The issue I had was where on earth was I going to get this funny sign? I suppose I could have just printed it off and framed it, but as luck would have it, I actually found it! When we were in New Orleans I found it printed on tin at the French Market. Here she is:


Hopefully I can find some more funny prints to add to the collection.

Do you have a gallery wall in your house? What about art in your kitchen?

Have a beautiful weekend and keep laughing! Laughing out loud

Oh, and you definitely want to come back next week!! If all goes well, we will be having our first ever give away here at Corner of Main. Here’s a hint from one of my old blog posts….