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Those Funny Signs on Pinterest

18 Nov

TGIF! That’s all I have to say. This was a rough week at work, so I wanted to write about something that made me laugh.

I know we have all seen them: those funny signs on Pinterest. Have you pinned any? You know what I am talking about. They look like vintage drawings and most of them are totally inappropriate, but make you chuckle anyway.

Here are some of my favorite (non-offensive) ones.

This one could not be more accurate. I love it! :

Pinned Image

The last time I went camping was years ago, but in all honesty it is just not for me…

Pinned Image

I agree with this (lol):

Pinned Image

Someday this might be me:

Pinned Image

And this already is me:

Pinned Image

This last one is awesome. I pinned it hoping that one day I could incorporate it into a funny gallery wall, similar to the one seen here (at Big D & Me):

Didn’t Jennifer do an amazing job? I love it. She even has printables on her blog….you should probably check it out!

The issue I had was where on earth was I going to get this funny sign? I suppose I could have just printed it off and framed it, but as luck would have it, I actually found it! When we were in New Orleans I found it printed on tin at the French Market. Here she is:


Hopefully I can find some more funny prints to add to the collection.

Do you have a gallery wall in your house? What about art in your kitchen?

Have a beautiful weekend and keep laughing! Laughing out loud

Oh, and you definitely want to come back next week!! If all goes well, we will be having our first ever give away here at Corner of Main. Here’s a hint from one of my old blog posts….


Curtain Fabric!

16 Nov

This post totally needs an exclamation point because I am pretty darn excited about this fabric!  I actually found four that I loved in the store, but once I got home with all four (yes I bought all of them-I was very indecisive in the store) I decided right away.  Have you ever bought way too many of one thing and then returned them or just kept them all?  Keeping them all is definitely more fun.

This weekend I made my way to Hancock Fabrics with my handy dandy room color cards.


And I came home with 1.5 yards each these four pretty prints (they were, at least, 50% off so I don’t feel too bad):


I love them all, and I thought for sure the one on the right would be the winner of this race, but the clear winner was the one next to it.  Here are some pics of each hanging on the curtain rod (please ignore the wrinkles)…


This print was definitely in second place, it looks almost solid from far, but when you get up close you see the tiny check print.  It looks nice with the white woodwork and the stencil wall, so I think it will make it’s way into the room one way or another.

The next one was my least favorite (too dark):


I thought for sure I would love the one below in the room because the print is similar to the stencil, but not too matchy….I was wrong (perhaps too graphic?).


This kind of feels like the three bears here.  One was too tiny, one was too dark, one was too graphic…and one was just right!


Ahh…it’s so pretty.  It matches perfectly and I love the print.



My master plan is to make a curtain with this one and the check fabric as an accent.


Please stop back to see how the finished product looks!

What projects are you working on this week?

Clip Clip

17 Oct

It’s a new week, and I’ve decided to try something new (again).  Clipping Coupons!  I am sure everyone out there has used a coupon or two recently…and I am sure there are quite a few of you that are really good at it.  I attempted to be coupon savvy about a year ago.  I saved some money, purchased some things I totally didn’t need, and then gave up because it just takes a lot of time, and we didn’t really have any space to keep 50 cans of green beans…or whatever the deal of the week was.

With our new house we have plenty of space; I actually have less time; but we sure do have more bills…so why not??

The dilemma I had during the first attempt was how to organize all the coupons.  How do you turn this into dollars??

coupons 005

Last year I tried organizing them in a small expanding file folder, similar to this one from Staples:

Globe-Weis 13-Pocket Poly Check File, Each

Mine only had about 6 dividers and it was hard to determine where to put each coupon and they were somewhat difficult to see once they got tucked in there.

This time I have decided to try out a binder with clear pockets.  This afternoon I gathered my supplies, and I attempted to get organized…

coupons 007

I started by printing off headers for each of the pages.

coupons 018

I started with quite a few headers.  I cut the coupons then put them on top of the appropriate page.  I realized as I went along I needed quite a few more headers…

coupons 020

Then I put each page in a sheet protector…

coupons 025

coupons 026

Then into the binder (I tried to organize them in the order of the grocery store…roughly).

coupons 028

Each time I clip a new coupon I can simply put it into the correct pocket.  These page protectors are much better than the small file because I can actually see through them and fit my hand in there easily.

Last year a friend told me about these great sites for clipping and saving:  (And I really do heart CVS)  (Maybe some day I will bump into her as I am carting around my binder at CVS…she lives in the same town as us, lol)

Now I have everything I need to save some money…wish me luck on actually following thru with this!   I will let you know if I made some good purchases.

Do you clip coupons?  How do you organize them?  Any tips?
Weekend Bloggy Reading

What do a riding lawn mower and a solid wood table have in common?

14 Sep

Not a whole lot…except that we found both bargains on Craigslist 🙂  Do you search Craigslist for random items on a regular basis?  I do.  I used to only go on there if I actually needed something in particular, but lately I find myself just searching for anything interesting.

A few weeks back I clicked on the “General” section of Craigslist and started to look down the listings.  I came across a posting for a working riding lawn mower with new battery for $350. Kevin and I live on a 1/2 acre and he has been mowing the lawn with 2 hand-me-down walking mowers from my father.  The walking mowers have been wonderful (you can’t beat free), but it has taken Kevin about 3 hours each week to mow this law:

This is only the backyard!

Needless to say, when I saw the riding mower post I immediately called Kevin.  Thankfully the seller had the mower in a storage unit about 10 minutes from our house.  Kevin ended up having to rent a Home Depot pick-up truck to get it, but I think it was worth the effort considering new riding mowers are so expensive!

Our Craigslist mower

It's even a Craftsman!

No one is happier than Kevin about this thrifty find!

A happy husband =)

And the other Craigslist treasure was a beautiful end table we picked up last night:

Wooden end table

Wow.  I love that table (and the lamp)!  We have been searching for a pretty little table for quite some time.  I bought Kevin the Tiffany inspired lamp for Christmas last year and it has been sitting on the floor in our bedroom for the last nine months.  It is so great to finally see it on and displayed in our front window.   The end table was listed on Craigslist this past weekend for $75.  Once again, the seller was pretty close to our house so it worked out perfectly!

Detailed legs

The wood is in great condition...

We really wanted a table that complimented the fabulous lamp and I am glad we succeeded for under $100.  A new end table at this price probably would have been made of particle board and wood veneer (which I certainly own my fair share of, but this lamp deserved a solid wood home).  🙂

What treasures have you found on Craigslist?  Are there any other websites out there that you like to “shop” at?

Check out more fabulous finds and see where I am partying @:

Chic on a Shoestring Decorating

Eye Ch-Art

12 Sep

Hello there!  I hope you had a great weekend.  Mine was way too short, as usual.   Kevin finished up painting the bathroom (which I hope to reveal later…we still need a few finishing touches) and he cleaned the whole house 🙂 !  I had to take a class on Sunday, but I did manage to fit some shopping in.  My friend and I checked out Z Gallerie, Restoration Hardware and HomeGoods for something to do, and we started to see a theme:  Eye Chart Art…or perhaps, just Eye Ch-Art!   My friend and I went to optometry school together so, needless to say, we loved what we saw.

Look at this great little tray from Z Gallerie (only $19.95-I almost bought it):

Z Gallerie Tray

They also had the same quote in a frame (for $39.95):

Z Gallerie Print

The best Eye Ch-Art was actually at HomeGoods (we both bought one of these for just $24.99 each):

Great find at HomeGoods

I am sure most people recognize the quote on the right, and like a millions of couples out there it was read at our wedding.  How could I pass this up?

And lastly, from Restoration Hardware we found these (which started at $345..eek!!):

Vintage Eye Charts:  Tumbling E

Tumbling E chart from Restoration Hardware

Vintage Eye Charts:  Letters

Letter Chart from Restoration Hardware

They look awesome in this pic:

Via Pinterest from Restoration Hardware

How cool and vintage is that room?  Restoration Hardware had some amazing pieces.  My favorite thing I saw the other day was probably this chandelier…I realize this has nothing to do with Eye Charts, but look at this beauty:

From Restoration Hardware

Wow!  If only I had a huge room to put it in and $3825 (that’s the sale price!  Down from $4495).

Ok, enough drooling over spectacular Orb Chandeliers, back to the topic… A while back I had pinned some Ch-Arts on pinterest:

Via Pinterest from

Via Pinterest from

Not only do I love the Ch-Art in the above pic (it must be there wedding date, how cute); I love how they framed out their thermostat to make it blend in.

What do you think?  Do you already have any Ch-Art in your home?  Have you thought about DIY-ing any?

My new purchase

Our Eye Ch-Art hung in the foyer

We decided to hang it in the foyer; that wall was the perfect size!  How do you like it?

I am sharing the Ch-Art over at:

All Night Flea Market and Vintage Postcards

22 Aug

Who knew that you could peruse a flea market at 3 AM or that postcard postage in 1910 was 1 cent?

This weekend Kevin and I (along with my parents, brother, sister-in-law, and nephew) went to an all night flea market.  The massive market is apparently one of the top ten flea markets in America according to Discovery Channel.  It ran from 4 PM Saturday night to 4 AM Sunday morning.  Armed with our flash lights we went at about 8 PM, just as it was getting dark…why go to an all night event during day light?

Half of the market was outdoors (excuse the blurry cell phone pics):

All night flea market Wheaton

Shopping in the dark

And the other half was inside:

all night flea market Wheaton IL

Yes, the Incredible Hulk was there!

It was pretty crowded inside once it started to rain, but a good time was had by all.  My 6 year-old nephew loves old street/tin signs; my brother was able to pick up a couple of those to add to his collection.  Kevin and I were looking for an end table to display a Tiffany inspired lamp I got him for Christmas, but we didn’t see anything we loved.  We did find a booth with the worlds largest postcard collection…I don’ t know if this man had the largest collection, but it sure seemed like it.  I think he said he had over 2 tons of postcards!?  He had them organized by location and/or topic.  We had fun looking through a few of his boxes.  The best one was this card from 1910:

Holy Name Cathedral

Holy Name Church, Chicago

Kevin and I got married at Holy Name (now called Holy Name Cathedral) almost one year ago, so this card has a special meaning to us. Check out more about our wedding here…you can see us on the front steps of that same church.  This Vintage card was mailed over 101 years ago!  It is post marked Jan 20, 1910, and the stamp was just one cent.

Vintage Postcard

Backside of card

In case you can not read sideways, that says “Chicago Jan 19/10, I am coming home Sat. night so come to town after me.  Brother Mike.”  Someone wrote in pencil over the original name for some reason; I think it originally said “Walter” then someone wrote “Mary”…dunno what that’s all about.  And for some reason the man selling the card put the price ($3) in the corner.  My favorite part is that the recipient does not have an address other than the town, Lemont, Ill…times have changed!   In 100 years the postage has only gone up 28 cents to mail a postcard; that’s not too bad, is it?

At the same booth, we found one other card we ended up taking home.  While most people won’t find this one interesting, I certainly do:

Vintage Spectacle Card

It is from a spectacle company in Chicago from 1923.

Backside of card

Apparently all you had to do was send this card to the company with your name, age, and address, and they would send you a pair of glasses guaranteed to work!  Lol…this is awesome considering I went to school for 8 years to learn how to prescribe eyeglasses (among other things).  My how times have changed!

So, a couple of signs and a couple of postcards were all that my family took home from the all night flea market, but I think it was worth the trip.

Check out how the cards look now that I framed them:

Framed vintage postcard

Holy Name Church

I did not want to put any tape on the card, so I added photo corners to a piece of coordinating card stock.  I selected a vintage-like frame for the church print, and for the specs card I picked something more rustic:

vintage eyeglass postcard

Mail Order Specs Anyone?

I did not want to block the print on the glasses card so I opted for no photo corners and a smaller frame.  I am really happy with how they turned out.  Hopefully I can find the perfect place to hang them…most likely they will end up in the sunroom =)

What did you do this weekend?

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I think I have DADD…

17 Aug

Yes, DADD.  No, I am not a father; I think I have Decorators Attention Deficit Disorder.   Basically, I can’t focus on just one room…I seem to want to redecorate every room in our whole house, all at once.  Kevin and I said we would completely finish one room before moving to the next.  We have failed miserably at doing this.

We started with the master bedroom, which is not quite done, but I did make some progress on styling it today.  I was searching high and low for some art to go above the bed.

It looks a little empty above the bed...

The first item I purchased a few months ago ended up going back.  It was branch like metal art…kinda hard to describe, but similar to this:

Metal Branch wall art from

I did not take a photo of it, but I think it was too big.  The next piece I bought was a red-ish wood carving from Hobby Lobby, and it was so small:

Ha! That looks funny...too tiny!

I actually like it, but not there.  I may get another one and put them above the nightstands.  Perhaps the third time is the charm, because the third piece I bought seems to be just right:

horizontal wall art above bed

The perfect fit!

Right now the canvas is just sitting on the headboard, but I will definitely hang it higher.  Because the walls are made of plaster, I am really hesitant to put any holes in them until I am absolutely certain the room is the way that I want it.  Has anyone out there hung pictures with those sticky hooks that do not damage your wall?  Maybe I can do that, otherwise I think I am going to move forward and put some nails in the wall…gulp.

In the above pic you can also see the accent pillow I made and a coral colored king quilt I scored on clearance at Home Goods.

I made some other additions to the room.  First lets look at the dresser before:


Lonely dresser

And now, not so lonely:

Kevin's dresser

I also need to hang this canvas on the wall, but I think it fits well here.  I added some books, two crosses (one was Kevin’s, the other from Hobby Lobby), a little elephant, faux orchid, and a small tray to hold Kevin’s watches.

Here is a look at Kevin’s nightstand before a few accessories:


Empty nightstand and lamp...

And now:

Not so empty nightstand and lamp!

Next to the lamp is a dragon statue that I was going to paint red…but for now it is orange.  Let’s take a better look at the lower part:


I love that little geisha doll; ain’t see a cutie?  She is actually a bank that I got today at the dollar store.  I also added two thrift store books, and a Superman tin that was a recent birthday gift for Kevin.

I have been looking for a nice floor lamp for a while now.  I wanted something that complimented the silver lamps, but I did not really want to get stainless steel.  I found the perfect lamp at (a new store in the Chicagoland area) Gordmans:

Our new floor lamp

The square shade is similar to the silver lamps and the base is a similar color to the bed and dressers.  I still need to get rid of those chairs, but all in due time!  My plan is to add a large floor mirror and one comfy chair to this corner and ditch the modern gray chairs.

So, the bedroom is “To Be Continued.”  In the mean time, I have been working on the dining room, sunroom, bathroom, and now the guest room (which we can look at later).  I can’t focus!  We are going to have our first house guest in less than one month so the guest room and bath need to be spruced up ASAP.   Hopefully we will finish something (anything) soon!