About me

Kevin and I

Hello!  I am Kelly,  an engineer, turned eye doctor and now a wife, but a wanna-be interior designer and DIY-pro.  My husband and I recently tied the knot and moved from a tiny condo in the big busy city to a beautiful 90 year-old colonial home on the corner of Main St. in the ‘burbs.

I love TLC and HGTV.   I remember watching ‘Trading Spaces’ years ago and being amazed what they did to those rooms (some much better than others, but still).  It is so exciting to have a home that we can make our own!    We can not wait to put the heart where the home is =)

I love making things…pretty much anything.  I sew, knit, scrapbook, make jewelry; if it is cute I will try to make it =)

(Like most women) I love shopping…shoes, purses, clothes, home decor…I try to look for deals, but will splurge if I think the item is worth it.  I attempted a clip coupons a few times, but I just don’t have enough patience/planning time for that (kudos to those that do this successfully!)

I love my family and all of our animals (a dog, a love bird, and one big fish)!


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