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Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

This year I have consumed more candy corn than I care to admit.  There were a few days when I thought maybe I was going to turn into a piece of candy corn…

In honor of today and my sugary obsession, here are some sweet corn inspired Pinterest finds:

Pinned Image

Corn-filled Cupcake

Screen shot 2011 09 09 at 8.09.22 AM Halloween  Cookies

Corny Cookies

Candy Corn Parfaits Recipe

Candy Corn Parfaits

Pinned Image

Pumpkins Dressed up as Candy Corn

Pinned Image

Corn Manicure

I hope you get your fill of candy (or maybe just corn) today!  Anyone else out there eat too much sugar this month?  What is your favorite Halloween candy?  Any great Halloween memories or traditions you’d like to share?


The Stencil has Arrived!

28 Oct

The other day I had a special delivery on our doorstep….the chain link stencil I purchased here.  Yahoo!  I was super excited it got here so fast.

WallAndStuff 001

Last week I said I wanted to stencil our 1/2 bath…

WallAndStuff 004

but I wasn’t sure what color to go with.  I decided to try out a few different acrylic paints from JoAnn’s.   I started by painting a board “Sea View” by Benjamin Moore, and I gathered my supplies.

cupcakesAndTshirt 016

I read quite a few mixed reviews about using spray adhesive on the stencil, so I wanted to test the spray out also.  I bought Aleene’s Tacky Spray from JoAnn’s (with a 50% off iphone app coupon-score!) and a cheap stencil to practice with.  I went with the Tacky Spray instead of an actual spray adhesive because I thought maybe this would be less likely to remove the original paint from the wall (the major complaint from those people that said don’t use a spray).  The Tacky Spray  does say that it is permanent adhesive, but it also says that it is not for heavy duty projects.  The first time I used the little floral stencil on the practice board I loaded up the stencil with spray; this resulted in a gooey residue on the board after I removed the stencil.  I am glad I thought to try it out first!  The residue did rub off the board, but I am not sure that would have worked as well on the actual wall.  I was able to reapply the stencil a couple more times before I re-sprayed it (lightly this time).

Let’s take a look at the four paint samples on the Sea View Blue…

Up first, we have Metallic Ice Blue Folk Art Paint.

cupcakesAndTshirt 024

cupcakesAndTshirt 036

Then we have Metallic Champagne Folk Art.

cupcakesAndTshirt 027

cupcakesAndTshirt 035

Next is Pearl Finish Ceramcoat.

cupcakesAndTshirt 026

cupcakesAndTshirt 037

And Lastly Sparkle Glaze Delta Ceramcoat.

cupcakesAndTshirt 028

cupcakesAndTshirt 038

And here are all four…

cupcakesAndTshirt 033

I was able to eliminate two of them right off the bat; can you guess which two?  I went back and forth about which color to use.  Kevin like one of them and I liked a different one.  It wasn’t until I tacked the actual stencil to the wall that I decided.

WallAndStuff 006

Which one would you choose?  What do you think I went with?

I have only stenciled about 1/2 of the largest wall, and I hope to finish it up sooner than later.  I ran out of paint and unfortunately the JoAnn by our house only had one additional bottle (shoooot)!  Have you ever had to put a project on-hold because you couldn’t find the supplies you needed?  I ended up just ordering 5 more bottles on-line from Hobby Lobby instead of going on a wild goose chase for $2 paint!  Hopefully it arrives soon and we can get this chain linked.

I can’t wait to show off the finished room…until then, have a beautiful weekend (can you believe this is the last weekend in October!!).

ABC’s and a blogger award

26 Oct

Happy Wednesday everyone!  I am happy to say that Shari at Turn Style Vogue has awarded me “The Versatile Blogger Award.”

Gosh, I don’t know where this began, but Thanks Shari!  The rules of the award are as follows:

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave the award to you.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Send it along to 15 other (new/newer) bloggers and let them know you have awarded them!

Since I am so Versatile, I am going to mix it up.  Instead of 7 things about me I am going to share 26 things that make me smile…

Alfredo (image via  I will admit I had trouble getting this list started, but then I thought of one of my favorite foods-fettuccini alfredo.  My mom makes the best alfredo…perhaps I can share the recipe someday soon =)

Boots.  I love getting a new pair (or 2) of boots every fall.  These are beautiful…. (from Nordstrom)

Tory Burch Leather Riding Boot (Nordstrom Exclusive)

Cupcakes.  You can never go wrong with cupcakes.

cupcakesAndTshirt 006

Dogs.  I keep telling Kevin that one just isn’t enough.


Entertaining.  I love every part of having friends and family over: the planning, preparing, and mostly the company.

blog6.10.11 073



Above is my family and below is Kevin’s…


German Raspberries (image via  Sweet sugary goodness.

Husband.  Kevin always makes me smile.


iPhone (image via).  What would I do without my iphone?  How else would I take random pics when I am out and about?

Jewelry  I love beads and making jewelry.  I wish I had time to take some metal working and/or glass bead making classes…hopefully soon!

beadsandyarn 006

Knitting.  Another one of my favorite activities.  I just bought some yarn to make a cowl.

beadsandyarn 010

LASIK (image via  I am so glad I had LASIK; I should have done it sooner!


Missions.  I have taken part in three international missions where I have traveled to other countries providing eye exams for those in need.  The memories I have from these trips will always make me smile.

Nephews and Niece.  My brother has 3 boys (and maybe one more on the way…unless my sister-in-law finally gets a baby girl!), and Kevin’s brother has 2 boys…that’s a lot of nephews!  And we have one niece…

photo (40)

photo (41)

outdoorsAndSlipcover 013outdoorsAndSlipcover 007photo (39)

Owls.  I have tons (and the collection keeps growing), and they all make me smile.

WallAndStuff 046

Pajamas.  Probably my favorite article of clothing.  I kinda think we need these:

Hoodie-Footie™ Winter Whimsy for Men & Women

Quiet (image via) I love it when it is quiet.  I do not like noise.

Red.  My mom always told me “red was my color.”  This shirt from BR would fit the bill (fun fact: I worked at BR back in the college days)…

Salted Caramels (image via).  Who figured out that these two things go together oh so well?

Tights.  I love all the crazy tights out there now-a-days.  It does make me sad when they get holes in them…but they are fun while they last.  These pretty ones are from Nordstrom:

Betsey Johnson Lacy Tights

Urban Lofts (image via) .  As soon as Kevin and I win the lottery we are planning on buying some random old factory and transforming it into our urban oasis…until then we are stuck at the corner of Main, lol.

Versatile Blogger Award.  Yahoo!

Whoopie Pies (image via).  I lived in Maine about 7 years ago, and I remember going to this little bakery in the nearby town; they had the best pumpkin whoopie pies.  I have yet to find another as delicious…

Xtend Barre (image via  After all the candy and whoopie pies I need to do something to stay in shape (or at least pretend like I am trying).  I recently started to take Xtend Barre classes and Pilates….so far so good, and I definitely feel better after each class!

Yellow (image via décor pad).  Everything is better with a hint of yellow.

Z Gallerie.  I pretty much like everything here.  These doggie ornaments are too funny:

And there you have what makes me smile from A to Z  Smile

Maybe we can hear what makes these 7 bloggers smile because I am passing this award to them:

Ainhoa @ A Little Bit of Everything

Brandi @ His Shabby, Her Chic

Erin @ His and Hers

Genelle @ Singing Nelle

Jenna @ Wilson and Pugs

Jenny @ House Full of Pretty

Krystle @ Color Transformed Family

Ok, ladies, either follow the rules or mix it up and share what makes you smile from A to Z!  If you have already received the award don’t worry about re-doing it…that just means you are a Super Duper Versatile Blogger!

Spooktacular T-shirt

24 Oct

Boo!  Halloween is just one week away!  Do you have your candy and (kiddie) costumes ready?  Are any adults out there dressing up?  Kevin and I are dressing up on the big day.  He purchased a Sasquatch costume on-line…it is pretty great.  I actually need to get a pic of him in it, but here is the on-line ad photo:

Big Foot Adult Costume

Why, hello Big Foot!  When this monstrosity came in the mail last week Kevin left it up in our guest bedroom.  It happened to be a nice evening that day so Kevin was grilling out on our back deck when I got home from work.  As usual,  I headed upstairs to change, but instead of an empty bedroom I found the costume on the bed.  I decided to try said furry getup on and surprise my grillin’ man.  Boy oh boy, was he surprised!  Aside from the part where Kevin almost had a heart attack, it was classic!  Once his heart was beating regularly we laughed for about 5 minutes straight.   Hopefully this bad boy will bring a few more chuckles next weekend!

I am sure you are now wondering what I am wearing…well, nothing near as cool as Big Foot.  I didn’t want to spend a small fortune on something I am only going to wear once, so I am re-using a German Beer girl costume from about 3 years ago.  Watch out party people, make way for Big Foot and the Beer Girl!

For those of you who are not dressing up, I have another great option thanks to Pinterest (via Liz and!

Pinned Image

I saw this about a month ago and figured I should give it a try.  This weekend I picked up a plain dark gray T-shirt at Target for $6 on clearance and made my own!

I started by putting the shirt on and placing painters tape where I wanted the features to be (I didn’t really want the eyeballs right on my chest).  I took the shirt off and this is what I had:

cupcakesAndTshirt 043

I added more tape and then drew out the face on the tape:

cupcakesAndTshirt 048

Next I cut (be very careful not to cut the back!)…

cupcakesAndTshirt 049

cupcakesAndTshirt 051

Then the tape was pulled off, and now I have this spooktacular T-shirt:

Tshirt2 001

I was thinking an orange jack-o-lantern would be cute  for a little kid.  Does anyone want to make their own?  Get cuttin’ you only have a few days!

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Look What They Made 2

21 Oct

Happy Friday and welcome to Corner of Main’s second installment of Look What They Made.  You can see the first one here.  I have had a lot of spare
time this week to peruse the blog world and scope out some pretty sweet DIY’d items.

Here are just a few of the many wonderful things you can find out there:

1. We will start with this “why didn’t I think of that” piece by Jenna at Wilson and Pugs…it’s a pallet, it’s a wine rack, it’s a pallet wine rack!   I think I need to find a pallet, maybe a pallet of wine, and get going!

2. Next up is this fabulous coffee table turned ottoman at Love & Renovations.  What a great job!  You must check out how they did it here!

3.  A Little Old House (via This Dusty House) showed off this amazing bathroom vanity they made out of an old desk.  I love anything old turned new…

4.  Kim’s $3 frame turned jumbo chalk board for her Kitchen is super cute…you probably also want to check out her entire house at Newly Woodwards 🙂

And there you have it:  four fabulous bloggy finds!

Have a great weekend (if you are in the Midwest, stay dry and warm)!

Waiting for the Chain…

19 Oct

The order has been placed and now I am waiting…waiting for my Chain Link Stencil.   I have been wanting to add a stencil somewhere in our house, and I thought our half bath would be just the place.  Earlier this year we painted it Benjamin Moore Sea View Blue.  I love the color, but the room is still kind of boring.

blogJune19 096

I had a hard time deciding which stencil to order.  Eventually I would like to put a damask stencil in our living room, so I wanted to select something different for the powder room.  I hope I like it….if I don’t Kevin already told me I have to repaint the room (he painted it blue the first time).

I haven’t decided what color to do the stencil in.  I can do something metallic like this wall that Courtney did (found via Centsational Girl):

Here is another metallic example from Project Queen (via Pinterest); I like how she used a metallic taupe:

Another option would be just using white, which would be much more graphic and bold.  This entire room from Vintage Revivals is beautiful (you should probably check it out), and the stenciled wall is so cute (found via Pinterest):

Final ERM 4 065

Perhaps more of a tone on tone, like this wall (from via Pinterest), would look good:

Pinned Image

I am about 80% sure I will do the more subtle metallic option.  I am thinking about a pearly white or champagne.  I need to get a few options and try them out on a sample board.

What do you think?  Subtle or bold?  Have you stenciled anything?  Any tips for applying the stencil and painting?

Hopefully once the stencil is up I will be more motivated to find a small storage unit for this room and make a new curtain…I have been thinking about doing this for months….and months.   Is there anything you have been meaning to do forever?

Maybe I need to stop typing and start doing!  Have a great Wednesday Smile

Clip Clip

17 Oct

It’s a new week, and I’ve decided to try something new (again).  Clipping Coupons!  I am sure everyone out there has used a coupon or two recently…and I am sure there are quite a few of you that are really good at it.  I attempted to be coupon savvy about a year ago.  I saved some money, purchased some things I totally didn’t need, and then gave up because it just takes a lot of time, and we didn’t really have any space to keep 50 cans of green beans…or whatever the deal of the week was.

With our new house we have plenty of space; I actually have less time; but we sure do have more bills…so why not??

The dilemma I had during the first attempt was how to organize all the coupons.  How do you turn this into dollars??

coupons 005

Last year I tried organizing them in a small expanding file folder, similar to this one from Staples:

Globe-Weis 13-Pocket Poly Check File, Each

Mine only had about 6 dividers and it was hard to determine where to put each coupon and they were somewhat difficult to see once they got tucked in there.

This time I have decided to try out a binder with clear pockets.  This afternoon I gathered my supplies, and I attempted to get organized…

coupons 007

I started by printing off headers for each of the pages.

coupons 018

I started with quite a few headers.  I cut the coupons then put them on top of the appropriate page.  I realized as I went along I needed quite a few more headers…

coupons 020

Then I put each page in a sheet protector…

coupons 025

coupons 026

Then into the binder (I tried to organize them in the order of the grocery store…roughly).

coupons 028

Each time I clip a new coupon I can simply put it into the correct pocket.  These page protectors are much better than the small file because I can actually see through them and fit my hand in there easily.

Last year a friend told me about these great sites for clipping and saving:  (And I really do heart CVS)  (Maybe some day I will bump into her as I am carting around my binder at CVS…she lives in the same town as us, lol)

Now I have everything I need to save some money…wish me luck on actually following thru with this!   I will let you know if I made some good purchases.

Do you clip coupons?  How do you organize them?  Any tips?
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