Frosty the Basil Leaf

15 Sep

Well, it is officially fall (actually it felt like winter this AM) in Chicagoland.  I awoke to it being 66 degrees in the house (and it definitely was in the 30’s overnight); I was pretty close to turning on the heat, but I held out.  Hopefully our lovebird, Mr. Crackers, doesn’t mind the chilly house.


With all the talk of the temperature dropping I recalled an article I had read in September’s Martha Stewart Living about drying herbs.  According to the article (page 6)  it is important to remove your herbs from outdoors before the first frost.  The first frost happens when the temperature outside goes below 32 for a short period of time.  Chicago’s first frost should be around the beginning of October, but it can come in September.

If you read one of my first few posts you may recall that Kevin and I made a tomato tree that also had basil and oregano.

Our Tomato Tree

With the temps going into the 30’s last night we decided to be proactive with all of our basil and oregano, and bring it inside to dry.  We had quite a bit…



All we had to do was use some twine and tie the bunches up…

Twine & Herbs

Tying the bunches

Then hang them in a cool, dry place for about 4-10 days.

Hanging out in the basement

And now we wait...

When the leaves are crisp we can remove the leaves from the stems and put them a jar.  According to Martha they should last for about six months if sealed well.  Hopefully it works and they don’t fall all over the basement floor….although Stewie might enjoy that!

Have you dried any herbs before?  Has it gotten chilly where you live? Hopefully the weather is nice for you this weekend!  We are going apple picking with my family…I think I see apple pie in our future!

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One Response to “Frosty the Basil Leaf”

  1. Jordan@the2seasons September 16, 2011 at 8:11 am #

    This is good to know about. Thanks for the tip!

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