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Fall Wreath…and another pumpkin!

29 Sep

Everyone is talking door decor over at Southern Hospitality, so I needed to join in the fun!   I have seen a lot of pretty wreaths on the link-up so you may want to check it out.  Before you go, look at mine!


fall 062


wreath 003

I kinda love the berries and the sparkly leaves….

What do you love about fall?


One Mantel and A Plethora of Pumpkins

26 Sep

Welcome back to Corner of Main!

The other day I realized that this year is the first year I actually have a beautiful mantel to decorate for the holidays, and a pretty front door to hang a wreath on when the time comes…oh and a staircase and banister to put greenery on, oh my!   The fun never ends!  It’s not quite time for greenery yet, but it sure is pumpkin-time 🙂

Today we will be seeing a lot of pumpkins…a pumpkin parade of sorts. But first let’s talk mantels.

Ours is in our formal living room (which isn’t exactly very formal with Kevin’s “bachelor pad” sofa and flat screen TV…but someday it will be formal).  Here is a peak at it a few weeks ago, with a lot of random things on the mantel:

Our Living Room

You can see our mishmash of items above the fireplace:  A hand blown glass lamp, a clock with bride and groom teddy bears on top of it, a canvas from our wedding, my wedding bouquet, and two religious statues.  That is quite a combo…teddy bears, flowers and St. Joseph.   None of this was planned, except maybe the photo, until we realized that it was way too small for the space.

This past weekend I found a wonderful mirror at Tuesday Mornings (does anyone else go there?  Do they have them outside of Chicago?) on clearance!  Score!  I bought it, then Kevin and I hung it up right away.  Here it is with some basic pieces that will probably always call the mantel home (a basic ivory ceramic vase, a clock, priest statue passed down in Kevin’s family, and a candelabra):

Simple mantel

Ready for fall!

After a little fall foliage, some candles, an owl and a plethora of pumpkins we have:

All decked out for fall!

Here are some more detailed shots:

Ivory vase and mossy pumpkin

I have to give Kevin credit for this one:


He insisted we purchase those two funny gourds a couple of weeks ago because they looked like swans, then he made them into a heart shape…awwww…what a guy 😉

Now these gourds make me laugh (I will share with you soon how I made them):

Three wild and crazy guys!

Priest statue passed down from Kevin's Grandmother

I love berry garland!

And there you have it!  One mantel and a plethora of pumpkins!

Fall Mantel

Our Fall Mantel 🙂

I am joining in on the “It’s Fall Y’all” Link-up!  Check out all the other fabulous fall mantels over at The Lettered Cottage.

The Lettered Cottage


26 Sep

We are making some changes over here at Corner of Main!  You may have noticed last week I added a new header, and today we have added a new page:  Our Home.  If you want to take a tour of our home room by room check out the new page above!  If you check it out, what do you think?

This weekend I did some fall decorating and crafting.  We are having an anniversary party for Kevin’s parents on Saturday, so I am trying to get the house looking it’s best.  What were you up to this weekend?  Have you done anything fall-like?  Maybe….

Apple picking?

An oldie, but a goodie: Apple picking 2009


Best Apple Pie I've ever made

Maybe a new craft project?

Mittens I made last winter

I love knitting.  I need to start a new project that I can do on the train to and from work 🙂

Speaking of working, tomorrow I am going to show you what I was working on this weekend, so come back!!

Keeping it Simple

23 Sep
I am guilty…I must admit that I spent 2 hours watching Grey’s Anatomy and now it is late and I have to wake up at 4:45 AM.  Therefore, Friday’s post is simple:
I don’t know who’s child that is, or who made that hat (is that a hat, or is that photoshoped?), but it is fantastic and it makes me laugh.  Image via Pinterest from
What makes you smile?  Have you found anything great on pinterest lately? Anyone still not on that site? If so, message me and I can invite you =)
Have a wonderful weekend!

From Pea Soup to Chocolate Mousse

21 Sep

Hello and happy Wednesday! Today we are talking peas and chocolate…no, not really…I am actually giving the most recent bathroom update. When we moved into our home about 7 months ago the main bathroom was a diluted pea soup color, and now it is a creamy brown (Benjamin Moore Spanish Brown to be exact).

{If you want to read about the original plans you can do that here, or the progress here and here}.   Take another look at the original bathroom:

"ivory and green bathroom"

Bathroom BEFORE

And now the after:

Brown Bathroom

Bathroom AFTER

The biggest obstacle in the room was the hunter green accent tile on the floor and in the shower.  My master plan was to select a shower curtain that could bring in shades of green and shades of the wall color.  I really like how the finished room turned out.  Here are a couple other views of the space:

Best shower curtain hooks. Ever.

Looking towards the door...

We need to add some storage in this corner...

I must say, I am really proud of Kevin for painting the edge along the ceiling.  That is always such a difficult task!  I usually end up with paint on the ceiling (and from the amount of pea soup paint on the ceiling, so did the previous owners).

Take a peak at another eyesore that was in the original room:

"Ivory and green bathroom"

What is with that medicine cabinet?

If you remember my post a few weeks ago, you may recall that the cabinet broke and we had to get a new one.  I purchased a cute vintage-y white cabinet from Home Depot, but I ended up returning it.  I was concerned about the white paint and chrome hinges with the ivory sink and (beautiful new) bronze faucet.   We ended up with a fabulous bronze mirror that was on clearance at Menards…$35, thank you very much!

Much better!

I really love the bathroom now.  My favorite part is probably the view from the shower.  Check this out:

Tree tops seen from the shower...yes I stood in the shower to take this!

There was definitely some strategic planning with the sky light 🙂

So here is a list of what we did:

  1. Removed old medicine cabinet and patched hole in the wall
  2. Painted (Benjamin Moore:  White woodwork and ceiling, Spanish Brown above the chair rail, and Cream Fleece below)
  3. Spray painted all the fixtures (Rust-oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze paint and primer combo)
  4. Replaced light fixture in the ceiling
  5. Switched out sink faucet and light switch/outlet covers
  6. Updated cellular shades with new white blinds

We only have a couple of things left to do:

  1. Purchase or make a storage unit for the corner (we are either thinking of an antique dresser or doing an Ikea hack job like this with bead-board that matches our bead-board…it kinda depends on how motivated Kevin is!)
  2. Add art and towels/accessories (I already bought a cute print of brown and green birds that I plan on hanging to the right of the mirror)
Are you giving any of your rooms a face lift?  What are your plans?  Our next room on the painting list is the dining room 🙂
Enjoy the rest of your week!

Weekend Bloggy Reading

Out with the Gold and in with the New

19 Sep

I have been talking about updating our bathroom (first here, then here) for a while now and it is slowly coming along.  Instead of purchasing all new fixtures we decided to try to spray paint everything first.  Why not pop for the $7 can of spray paint and see where that takes us?  Well, so far, so good!

Last month, Sherry @ Young House Love painted quite a few handles with Rust-oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint & Primer.

ORB Handles via Young House Love

They looked so nice when she was done!

ORB Handles via Young House Love

Sherry gives you the how-to on her post here.

Now, back to our bathroom…here is another look at the beautiful gold light fixtures:

Golden glow

Because we were only painting towel rods, hooks, and a couple of light fixtures (that really don’t get touched very much), we decided to skip all the steps (de-glossing, sanding) and start spraying (there is a good chance this will come back to haunt us, but that’s ok)!  The one $7 can of paint and primer was all we needed (and some cardboard/plastic and sticks from the yard).


I got creative by pushing sticks in the ground to hold some of the fixtures:

Thank you Mother Nature

After a few thin/even coats we had this:

Bronze Beauties

Closer View

Once they were completely dry we re-assembled the lights and hung the rods/hooks back up…

After-Oil Rubbed Bronze!

My mom thought we bought new fixtures they look so good =)   Before we painted them we thought we were going to have to purchase new shades, but it’s definitely not necessary once we got rid of the gold.

Like New!

{The color of the walls vary quite a bit in these photos}

ORB towel ring

Pretty little hooks =)

So far the paint has held up (for almost 2 weeks now), and I just love the finished product.  We’ll see how it goes.

I promise to show the rest of the room this week, so please come back to see the (almost) finished bath!

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Frosty the Basil Leaf

15 Sep

Well, it is officially fall (actually it felt like winter this AM) in Chicagoland.  I awoke to it being 66 degrees in the house (and it definitely was in the 30’s overnight); I was pretty close to turning on the heat, but I held out.  Hopefully our lovebird, Mr. Crackers, doesn’t mind the chilly house.


With all the talk of the temperature dropping I recalled an article I had read in September’s Martha Stewart Living about drying herbs.  According to the article (page 6)  it is important to remove your herbs from outdoors before the first frost.  The first frost happens when the temperature outside goes below 32 for a short period of time.  Chicago’s first frost should be around the beginning of October, but it can come in September.

If you read one of my first few posts you may recall that Kevin and I made a tomato tree that also had basil and oregano.

Our Tomato Tree

With the temps going into the 30’s last night we decided to be proactive with all of our basil and oregano, and bring it inside to dry.  We had quite a bit…



All we had to do was use some twine and tie the bunches up…

Twine & Herbs

Tying the bunches

Then hang them in a cool, dry place for about 4-10 days.

Hanging out in the basement

And now we wait...

When the leaves are crisp we can remove the leaves from the stems and put them a jar.  According to Martha they should last for about six months if sealed well.  Hopefully it works and they don’t fall all over the basement floor….although Stewie might enjoy that!

Have you dried any herbs before?  Has it gotten chilly where you live? Hopefully the weather is nice for you this weekend!  We are going apple picking with my family…I think I see apple pie in our future!

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