Thrifty finds

15 Aug

Every now and then I stop in a thrift shop or two to see what I can find.  I keep meaning to make a post about the treasures I come across.  Last month I went to a Salvation Army and it was pretty fabulous.  This was probably the largest thrift shop I have ever been it.  I think this one was called a family store…I am not sure if that’s why it was so big or what, but it was huge.  This was were I found the pretty green blanket I made my pouf out of.  Check out the other goodies I found:

Someone else's trash...

Here’s what we have:

  • Iron Candle holder (most likely will end up on our fireplace mantel)

Iron Candelabra

  • Three toss pillows (that went into the pouf, but after I washed them I liked the purple one)

Thrifty pillows: I really like the one on the left.

  • A wooden fish (who doesn’t need a wooden fish?  I think it was 40 cents, lol)

Thrifty Fish

  • Hear no evil…monkeys.  (This may go back in the trash, but at the time I thought maybe I could use them in the bedroom)

Silly Monkeys

  • Window frame mirror (This is super cute and was only $2.45, I want to paint it white and hang it in the dining room)

Here it is hanging in the dining room...

  • Framed bulletin board  (someday this will turn into a jewelry holder)

Thrifty Bulletin Board

  • A pretty lime linen table cloth (originally I thought I would put this in the pouf, but I liked it too much).  And lastly the blanket I used for the pouf.

Lime green thriftyness

All that fun was around $25.  Not too shabby.  Today I made another visit to the local thrift store where I got our dining room chairs.  Here is what I found this time:

More treasures

Today’s trip was about $30 worth of items.

  • A milky white and gold lamp (that works) for $9.99 that I plan on painting for the guest room

Thrifty lamp

  • Two hardcover Readers Digests (99 cents each for the guest room nightstand) and A unique box (may end up in the master bedroom)

Neat box and bright colored books

Inside of the box: mini filing system

  • A green glass votive holder (also for guest room nightstand) and a few books (about fish and other things we like:  flowers, decorating, & world photography)

Green glass and more bright books

  • And lastly, a yellow necklace for me.  I have been looking for a plastic yellow necklace and this one was only 99 cents; why not?!

Thrifty cuteness

What do you think?  Do you visit a particular thrift store on occasion?  Have you found anything good?


2 Responses to “Thrifty finds”

  1. mb August 23, 2011 at 1:48 pm #

    Recycling items is good for the environment! Our favorite “find” was two chairs we found on a parkway that someone was throwing away. The seats were subsequently reupholstered and the chairs went on to “live” in various places. After that they were donated to a charitable organization thrift store. Perhaps you may run into them during your explorations!


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