Playing Catch Up

8 Aug

The last week has been pretty busy!  I am just beginning to catch up on everything after having LASIK eye surgery last Tuesday.  For those of you who wear contacts or glasses I am sure you have considered going under the laser…let me tell ya…it is pretty amazing!  I can actually go to bed, see my alarm as I set it, and then wake up and see across the room.  What a concept!

Yesterday I was able to catch up on some TV- first a couple of episodes of Design Star…

HGTV's Design Star

The Chicago-ians (Karl & Meg) are doing well!  On the most recent episode the designers had to update an older B&B on the Jersey shore.  Here are the winners in their room:

HGTV-Karl, Mark & Meg in their winning room

I really like the wave-like chair rail that Karl painted throughout the room, and the bright pops of color are fun.   The headboard that Meg made was just beautiful, and fits so perfectly in the space:


I also was able to watch this weekend’s “Secrets from a Stylist.”  Emily is amazing…the home owner on this episode actually called her magical, lol…she kinda is.  The guest room she redid is so whimsical (you can read all about it here).  Check out this wallpaper:

via Style by Emily Henderson

That is a print of black and white cartoon people.  How cute is that?  I love it.  I also love all the vintage/antique accessories she was able to find.

via Style by Emily Henderson

I definitely think this is my favorite room that she has done.  What do you think of the printed paper??

This got me thinking about wallpaper.  Kevin and I were being adventurous when we put  grasscloth up in the master bedroom, but perhaps we have to get more bold in another room.

Here is another great graphic print (complete with eyeballs on it) that combines the whimsy and antique feel that I love from Emily’s room:

Cole & Son via The Stylish House

Where could I even put something like that?  In our foyer?  I don’t know if Kevin would go for that…

Perhaps we could use some in our guest room:

haus interior via Danielle Oakey Interiors

This forest-y paper really makes a statement in the guest room, and I love how everything else is so simple.

What do you think?  Would you use one of these fun and off-beat papers?


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