It’s a bird, it’s a plane…

1 Aug

Nope, it’s my husband.

Superman T-shirts

Kevin = Superman??

This weekend I did a lot of laundry, and as I was putting away Kevin’s T-shirts I thought of two things:

1.  Who exactly is Kevin?

2.  Man, these dresser drawers are really hard to open.

I came up with a couple answers:

1.  He is my wonderful husband who collects and loves anything Superman…

Superman Watch

Super watch I gave him a few years ago...

He has tons of Superman items; my personal favorite is probably the Super-sock money.   I think everyone has to collect something.  When I was younger I collected  key chains; I had a pretty long chain that, if memory serves me correctly, my parents let me hang from the ceiling…how’s that for creative decor?  Pretty cool for a 5th grader.  I have now graduated to owls that are scattered around the house.   What do you collect?  Do you keep it all in one place or do you display them in every room?

2.  As far as these wood drawers that stick like glue every time I try to open them…I had read once that you can rub candle wax or soap on the bottoms to help make the drawer slide smoother.  I figured I may as well give it a whirl, so I busted out some Irish Spring…

Irish Spring to the rescue!  I rubbed the bar on the underside of each drawer-on the bottom edges and in the grooves, and now the drawers work!  What an easy way to get your sticky drawers moving again.  I did have to vacuum after I did this because I made little soap slivers all over the floor, so soap before sweeping.

Now Clark, I mean Kevin, will be able to get his T-shirts out in a breeze =)


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