Green with Envy

16 Jul

Wow, it feels like forever since I have made a post…eek…it has been a few days!  Thankfully our power came back on after about 2 days in the dark.   It was just enough time to ruin all of our food and make the house hot and sticky =(  We are back to normal again and I have been thinking Green.  Not “re-use, reduce, recycle” Green (however I should probably think about that more often),  just the color Green.

My thoughts of Green started while knitting some Green yarn.  It just happens to be that I was working own my pouf at the time, so here is a sneak peek:

"green pouf"  "green yarn"

I still have a lot of work to do!

While I was knitting, my Green zebra print purse was sitting next to me.  We have these wonderful stores in Chicago (I think they may have a couple elsewhere) called 1154 Lill Studio where you can custom make your own handbag.   It is such a cute idea; they have tons of options for bags and thousands of fabrics.  It is a little pricey so I only went in there when I scored a groupon to it.  I just loved this green zebra fabric and I thought it would look cute with the watermelon-y pink strap…

"green and pink purse"

My summery Green purse

It was fun to pick and choose from all the fabric…and even more fun to see what it turns out like =)

After seeing those things I started to think about Green.  I have pretty Green dishes from Crate and Barrel:

Crate and Barrel Green dishes

Crate and Barrel

Someday my kitchen will be Green and white and black…just like this:


I absolutely love this kitchen.

Here are some other fabulous Green things:

Pretty Green stripes and accessories via

Green trim via

I would never have thought of painting woodwork Green, but it looks so cute!

Kitchen Aid Mixer via

I have a beautiful sparkly black mixer that reminds me of a bowling ball (that I searched high and low for), that I love, but if I ever lost that 30 lb thing I would get this one.

Green Pillow

Crate and Barrel

Now that is a fuzzy Green pillow!

textured Green pillow

Pier 1

This textured Green pillow is equally as cool as the fuzzy one.

Z Gallerie

These napkin holders are adorable…I bet you can make something like that with a little thinking!

Pier 1

What a sweet little plate.  This would be cute hung on the wall in a mix of white plates.  They actually make a yellow one that may end up in our dining room.

green knobs

Cost Plus Worldmarket

This pretty little knobs are just begging to go on a pretty white nightstand or dresser.

And lastly:

West Elm

These are clearly not Green, but they are Gray, and I love them.  Have a great weekend!


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