I have an Office/Craft Room!

7 Jul

Last week I showed you pictures of my disheveled office/craft room.  Something about posting my messy room on the blog made me kick it into high gear and get organized!

Here is another look at the room just a few days ago:

messy room


And this:

"messy room"

More stuff!

What didn’t I have in this room?  Laundry baskets with clean clothes, dirty clothes, parts of  two ceiling fans; boxes and bags of yarn and knitting needles; containers of scrapbooking paper and beads for jewelry making; shoes; empty shopping bags; cleaning supplies; books…ugh…the list goes on and on!   There was so much to go through I felt like I was on an episode of Clean Sweep!  I started by sorting things into:  keep in craft room, move downstairs, garage sale/Goodwill, and trash.

After all the sorting and moving (thankfully we are not going to visit our hallway in the post, or the basement for that matter) was done, I cleaned the room then put together an old Ikea bookshelf.  The shelf was actually purchased secondhand off of craigslist when I was in grad school (I am getting my money’s worth out of this thing!)  It was a pretty big shelf for a girl to put together solo (Kevin was working when I got the organization-bug), but there was no stopping this lady!  As I was laying on the floor tightening those Ikea screws with one of those Ikea wrenches (and what, by the way, is wrong with using REAL screws?  Doesn’t everyone on the planet own a screwdriver?!   My fingers are still raw from using that silly wrench!) I kept seeing headlines flash through my head “Woman crushed while assembling Ikea bookshelf alone.”  Obviously I survived, but it was touch and go for a bit.

All the hard work was worth it in the end when I got to enjoy the end result.   Let’s take another look at the before:

messy room


And now, just a few days later, that mess is now an organized office/craft room:

"office and craft room"


Seriously, that is just awesome.  It is so great it needs a cooler name than office/craft room.  Guys get to call their spaces “man caves,” but what do we get?  Craft rooms?  Boring…I’ll have to get back to what to call it later…

Anyway, everything in the room I already had and I spent no money on the space as of yet.  It will probably stay this way for quite some time.  In the middle of the room you can see my Pier 1 rag rug; I bought this years ago for my loft in the city; I am glad I can reuse it today!  The colors of the rug actually compliment the fleshy pink walls (that last week I hated, but now kinda like).  To the left is a chair my dad painted for me when I got the rug; it has all the same colors  in it-so cute!  I actually sat on that chair and put my feet on the ottoman for a few minutes and took in all the cleanliness!  The ottoman is the old coffee table from our little condo, but it fits in great here.

Here is a better look at the bookshelf:


And here is a close up look at my favorite little painting:

Guatemalan Art

Guatemalan Art and an owl

My favorite little print is on an easel I purchased at TJ Maxx a while back; I feel like this is a great way to showcase a special piece instead of hanging it on the wall.  I bought that canvas on a mountainside in Guatemala (sounds like a line out of a catalog, but it is true).   A little over two years ago I took a trip with 30-40 strangers from around the globe with an non-profit organization called One Sight.  We spent two weeks in a small village outside of Guatemala City giving eye exams to the locals.  It was an amazing experience, and I am happy to say that we really made a difference in so many lives.  The Guatemala trip was the third one I took with One Sight; the first was to Paraguay and the second to Mexico.  Each trip proved to be unique and rewarding in it’s own way.   Not that this has anything to do with craft rooms…but it makes me smile:

The little boy in the middle was pumped about his glasses (even though he looks mad, lol) He was probably amazed by the camera more than anything!

Please ignore my crazy pantalones in that photo…

Movin’ right along.  Here is a better look at the desk area:

The perfect place to blog!

Yeah!  You can finally see my West Elm Jay desk…better yet I can sit at it!  This will be the perfect place to write once I get my laptop moved in.  Above the desk is a framed print that I bought years ago to hang above my desk in the condo.  I figured, what the heck, why not reuse it?  There were already 2 hooks above the desk area so I just hung it here.  It seems a bit low, so I will probably have to rehang it someday when I get another bout of motivation.

Here is the wall near the entrance:

Shoes and (orderly) stuff

While shopping in my basement for furniture and accessories I found these two prints of Kevin and I.  Last year we ran around the city of Chicago with our wedding photographer (Brian Kinyon) and took engagement photos.  These are just two of the many fun pics he took.  I think Kevin had these canvas made a few months ago and didn’t know what to do with them (what can you really do with a million photos of yourself, lol?).  They look a little tiny for this wall, but at least they cover up the hooks and our flesh matches the wall, HA!

I managed to find quite a few useful things in our basement, including cute glass/ceramic bowls to put buttons and paperclips in, a TV stand that I used to house scrapbooking items, art, and even an owl!  Perhaps I need to shop downstairs more often =)  Now if only I could find a larger table/sewing table down there we would be all set, and maybe some shelves, oh and some bins….I guess this room still needs a few things, but for now I am certainly happy with my clean sweep!

"office and craft room"

Time to get creative!


3 Responses to “I have an Office/Craft Room!”

  1. jenyjenny July 8, 2011 at 6:04 am #

    Looks beautiful, hope it inspires some great projects!

  2. Marilynn July 12, 2011 at 4:45 pm #

    This was fun to read and I am so glad you are using items you already have, especially the colorful rug!


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