Dining Room Chairs Update

5 Jul

I have been searching high and low for fabric to recover those thrift store chairs I got a few weeks ago.  I was in search of a small yellow and gray print of some sort, possibly like this “Ty Pennington” one I found on-line:

"Ty Pennington gray and yellow fabric"

This would be perfect if I could just find it in a store!

I did not think it would take me an eturnity to find, but the search is finally over.  I visited a numer of fabric stores while hunting for this (apparently rare) fabric.  One of the stores was a huge warehouse with bolt after bolt of upholstery material.  If anyone lives in the Chicagoland aread, check out Loomcraft in Vernon Hills;  it was like decorator heaven.   While it was pretty impressive, I still could not find “the fabric.”  I will definitely be going back for my next project; they had a plethora of options.  It made me want to slip-cover everything and make 100 toss pillows.  I did fight the urge, and I did not come home with any random material.  Just look at the rows and rows of options:

"Loomcraft Vernon Hills"

So many options!

A lot of them were under $10 a yard…that is pretty good for quality fabric.  How pretty is this bright blue with embroided coral pattern:

"blue and white fabric"

Under the sea =)

I belive it was just $8 or $9/yard.  And this gray textured number was pretty inexpensive also:

"gray striped fabric"

So nice for less than $10/yard!

And for $3.99/yard this blue toille was quite the steal:

"Blue toille"

$3.99 are you out of your mind?

After looking thru bolt after bolt, I gave up on finding my yellow and gray mystery print.  Let’s take a look at two more examples, also by Ty Pennington:

"Ty Pennington yellow and gray fabric"

Another great option

"Ty Pennington Yellow and Gray fabric"

Or even this one...

Ahh…so cute.  I could just order one of his fabrics on-line, but I think I need to actually feel it, and the search is half the fun, right?  And, when I actually find it, the discovery will be that much more exciting =)

Long story endless, I managed to find the perfect fabric in the perfect weight/texture!  Take a look, it is pretty close to the original idea, don’t you think (it is much less orange-y and more yellow-y in real life)?

yellow and gray fabric

"The fabric"

So going back to the chairs, here is another look at the “Before:”

Chair before

Then the “Almost After:”

"Rust-Oleum Heirloom White wood chair"

Getting there!

And finally (drum roll please), the “After:”

"white yellow and gray chair"


Let’s see that again, without the doggie in the way:


I am really happy with how well they turned out.   It took a little effort to get the design centered/even on the seat.  In a few days I am going to go over some helpful hints on getting the pattern cut out perfectly.  So far I have cut out all the seats, but I have yet to put them all together.  That will give me something to do next weekend!

And now we are well on our way to our dining room makeover.  Again, here is our moodboard:

"dining room Moodboard"

"Dining Room Moodboard"

To complete our set of 8 chairs I purchased these from Pier 1 today (using $60 in coupons from previous purchases and they were on sale!):

"Pier 1 parsons chair"

Plain Parson's chair from Pier 1

I plan on making some DIY slip covers in a coordinating fabric…stay tuned to see the finished product!   I am thinking I better get my butt back to the store before the perfect coordinating fabric disappears!


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