The other bathroom

28 Jun

Last week I showed everyone our 1/2 bath, and today we can check out our full bath.  The room has decent ivory and hunter green (thumbs down)  tile and ivory sink/tub/toilet.   We are not ready to do any major renovations to this room so my goal will be to paint and decorate so it looks like I put green tile in there on purpose!  Here is a look at the room before we do anything:

"ivory and green bathroom"

Our "Big" bathroom

It is currently a watered down pea soup color with ivory beadboard and white trim, and the medicine cabinet is a pale/natural wood color.

"Ivory and green bathroom"

What is with that medicine cabinet?

The first step in making this room look better was taking the sticker off of the garbage can…lol…I accomplished that last night!

The room is quite large for an old house and everything is in good shape; it is also nice and bright with the window and the skylight.  We just need some paint and accessories and we will be good to go.

I started with the hunt for a nice shower curtain that had either shades of green or hunter green in it, and hopefully brown because I would like to paint the room a rich chocolate brown.  I ended up finding a pretty shower curtain on-line at Walmart.  I had it shipped to the local Walmart, and I think the total was less than $20 =)

"Brown and Green shower curtain"

Brown and Green Shower Curtain

Kevin and I picked out some brown paint from Benjamin Moore (the paint & primer combo like we used in the other rooms).  Also, due to my infatuation with owls I got these on-line at Target:

Owl shower curtain hooks

What a hoot!

I figure, what the heck, they are brown, right?

So…brown walls above the beadboard, ivory below, and white woodwork (because the entire house has white woodwork).   And either that medicine cabinet needs to go or we need to fix the magnet on the door and paint it white!  It drives me crazy daily because it is really hard to get open-the magnet sticks really well or something.   I plan on spray painting all the fixtures so they look new.  I am not sure what color yet, possibly silver or a bronze color.

You can not exactly tell from the photo, but to the left of the doorway is enough space for a dresser or some sort of storage cabinet.  I am going to stalk craigslist/local thrift stores/garage sales this summer in search of the perfect chest of drawers.  I will let you know what I find.

Kevin is going to start painting tomorrow, yippee!  Hopefully I can show some results in no time!


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