33 things I need to do!

27 Jun

I’ve seen other bloggers talk about making lists.  I too make lists….I typically lose them before I can cross anything off of the list…but boy can I make em’!  I usually make lists when I am bored and/or while on the train to work.  My lists usually result in me getting stress out about the time required to complete the list; or the money needed.

One of my many lists

Today I think I will make my list on here, and we will see how far I get in, ohhhhh…let’s say six months.  And I just realized that six months from today is my birthday.  LOL, totally not planned.   In honor of my 33rd birthday, let me think of 33 things.

Here goes:

1. Purchase items for the master bedroom:  floor mirror, floor lamp, chair, accessories/art, area rug?

2. Organize closet in master bedroom

3. Paint guest bedroom

4. Purchase items for guest bedroom:  bedding, window treatments, nightstand, accessories/art, TV and stand?

5. Paint office/craft room

6. Purchase & install shelves and/or furniture for craft room

7. Organize office/craft room

8.  Paint full bath

9.  Paint fixtures in bath (or replace)

10.  Purchase items for bath:  new medicine cabinet (or just fix existing one), window treatment, storage unit/dresser, art/accessories

11.  Paint upstairs hallway & walls in stairway

12.  Create a wall of photos for stair/hallway

13.  Install carpet runner on stairs

14.  Paint foyer

15.  Purchase items for foyer:  hall tree or bench, accessories/art

16.  Paint living room

17.  Purchase items for living room:  all new furniture (eek…sofa, coffee and end tables, etc), art/accessories

18.  Replace tile on fireplace

19.  Decorate fireplace mantel

20.  Have chimney repaired (tuck-pointing and various other things I am not familiar with)

21.  Paint dining room

22. Put up chair (or plate) rail & add detail wood to lower 1/2 of wall

23.  Finish dining room chairs (paint and recover)

24.  Purchase additional items for dining room:  2 parson’s chairs, fabric, art/accessories, window treatments

25.  Organize china and crystal in the china cabinets

26.  Make slip covers for parson’s chairs

27.  Purchase & install new kitchen cabinet doors

28.  Paint cabinets, doors, and walls in kitchen

29.  Install new floors and countertops

30. Purchase items for the kitchen:  stove/oven (ours is ok, but one of these days I am going to singe off my eyebrows…that will be a good look), small flat-screen TV, smaller table and chair set, window blinds (or clean existing…if possible)

31.  Install heat in the sunroom (I should be able to cross that off the list next week!)

32.  Purchase items for the sunroom:  accent chairs, tables, lamps, cellular shades and drapes?, Entertainment center, art/accessories

33. Purchase items for the 1/2 bath:  small white cabinet/table, art/accessories

That is probably enough to think about for now!    Hopefully I can look back at this list from time to time and cross some things off, but for today- Happy 32 1/2 Birthday to me! =)


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