Making Progress in the Master Bedroom

26 Jun

I have gotten so caught up in work and fixing up the other rooms in the house, I forgot to give the update on our bedroom.  This was the first room we tried to redecorate in the house.  After living in a teenie tiny condo for the last five years I was so excited to actually have room for a king bed and a nice bedroom set!

Here is another look at the master when we moved in (or you can read more about it here or here):

Think Pink...

And here is a look at the moodboard I made:

"master bedroom moodboard"

Master Bedroom Moodboard

We were able to score the Pier 1 furniture on sale shortly after we moved in.  I really wanted our bedroom to feel like a luxury hotel:  complete with comfy mattress and fluffy bedding!   I did such a great job in that department I have been late for my train in the AM several times in the last few weeks =(  Perhaps I need to start setting 2 alarms!

I still need to find a mirror, chair, and lots of art and accessories, but take a look at the progress we are making:

"gray bedroom"  " four poster bed"

"Almost After"

I think I had to make the bed about 10 times to get the blanket to look right.  It’s tough trying to fling around a king sized down comforter!  I actually really hurt my back trying to throw it across the bed!  I am feeling slightly better now.

Here are some more detailed shots:


2 identical lamps and nightstands...

When the light is off the shades look like a gray/grassclothy like fabric.  I was pretty happy with that find!

"four poster bed"

Tall Four Poster Bed

Our bed is actually the exact bed on the moodboard.  It can change from four short posters/two short and two tall/four tall/or a canopy.   It is an amazing idea!  Currently it is the four tall posters because we haven’t taken the canopy out of the box, but perhaps we will put it up before the room is totally complete.

Movin’ right along, in this corner we have:


A Dresser!

I am definitely thinking we need some art above the dresser; that orchid is lookin’ pretty lonely!

And in the other corner:

Two RANDOM gray chairs!

Waaahhhh….waaaahhhhh…those chairs are totally random.  They are left over from my modern/urban loft.  I figured they were gray so we could throw them in there for now.  The big plan for the above corner is a nice comfy chair, maybe leather or a cute print of some sort, along with a floor mirror.  Unfortunately it is not like we really need that stuff right now, so we will have to hold off for a bit.

Here is another look at our headboard, and some more empty space:

It looks a little empty above the bed...

I purchased a wire vine-like piece of art at HomeGoods, but I actually think it is too big for that space, so it is probably going back, or to another room.

Opposite the bed is my dresser:

Larger dresser =)

See that little owl sitting on the corner?  I love owls, and my collection keeps growing.  Instead of keeping them all together, I think each room will get a little sprinkling of my hooting friends!

This pic is a bit dark, but it is of my Roman Shades that you can read about here

Shades pulled up, elephant!!

Well, that is our progress so far.  Oh, I almost forgot to show one little detail:

Mrs. Always Right

What more can I say? LOL!

Have a great night!

The post was edited on September 23, 2011:

We have made a few more changes to the room with accessories; check that out here.

Or take a look at more mood boards at Remodelaholic!


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