Quick update to our powder room

22 Jun

The next room we can visit on our house tour is our 1/2 bathroom on the main floor of the house.  It is kind of tiny, and hard to take photos of, but here is what it looked like when we moved in:

"half bath before"

1/2 Bath Before

The room was probably remodeled fairly recently because the pedestal sink, toilet, and medicine cabinet seem newer and are in great condition.  I love light blue and white bathrooms.  If only I could have a master bathroom like this:

"blue and white bathroom"

Taken from housebeautiful.com

Taken from Coastalliving.com

There is something about the light blue and white that is so soothing…oh and the claw foot tub helps with that feeling also!  Since our full bathroom has ivory tile, tub, sink, and toilet, we decided to make our 1/2 bath light blue and white.

Armed with a gallon of Benjamin Moore Regal Select Premium paint & primer in ‘Sea View,’ Kevin was able to transform our bathroom in no time.  Here is a look at our “almost after:”

"Benjamin Moore Sea View Bathroom"

1/2 Bath Almost After

You may recognize the photo on the wall (there is a similar photo in the ‘About Me’ section of the blog).   Kevin and I took that photo while on our Hawaiian honeymoon.  We thought it would go with the “Sea View” bathroom so we made it into a stretched canvas print.  We also updated the curtain rod so it matched the fixtures.  I plan on making a prettier curtain at some point, but right now it seems to do the job.  That window actually looks into our sunroom…random!  The sun-room was an addition done a number of years ago from a previous owner; I will be showing that room later in the week!

Back to the original topic…I also need to update the white shelf unit with a cute white table of some sort, but at least the room looks fresh and clean!    I saw the perfect cabinet at HomeGoods yesterday, but I just can’t spend $99 on a little white cabinet right now.  I think I will try to find a similar shaped one on craigslist/at a thrift store and perhaps I can attempt to paint a blue design on the front.

"white and blue cabinet"

Is $99 to much to spend on a cute little cabinet...

What do you think?  Would you spend $99 on something that probably won’t serve much of a purpose, other than holding a box of tissues and perhaps a candle?   Perhaps it will go on clearance 😉

We were extremely happy with the Benjamin Moore paint.  We opted for the paint & primer version, and I think it was worth the hefty price tag.  We also used it in our sunroom.  So far, just one coat did the trick in both rooms…thank goodness because Kevin and I hate painting!


One Response to “Quick update to our powder room”

  1. Ainhoa November 12, 2011 at 4:30 pm #

    Just one coat? I’m jealous! We opted for the more expensive paint because the sales girl asked us if we were planning on repainting every couple of years and we were definitely not doing that, so she recommended the expensive option. We’re very happy with it because we’ve had several spills and been able to clean it very easily. We still needed two coats though.

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