Next stop, dining room…

19 Jun

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!  Before I go eat some BBQ with my dad, I thought I would squeeze in a post…

We are not quite done with our master bedroom yet, but I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about our beautiful, yet empty and plain dining room.  The crystal chandelier and china cabinets are my favorite part about this room; I would not change a thing about them.  Other than that the room is pretty boring:

"dining room"

Looking into dining room from foyer

"dining room"

Our empty and plain dining room

Way back when, I lived in a 1,500 sq foot timber loft, and I purchased a beautiful solid wood dining table that could seat about 8 people.  It had been in storage (a.k.a. my parent’s garage) for about 5 years while I lived in a condo too tiny for the gigantic table.  I am ecstatic that we can finally put the table to good use!  We are looking forward to having holiday dinners and numberous family parties =) The only problem is we don’t want to spend $150 + on one chair!  I have been searching craigslist and visiting thrift shops for other options.  I love the look of a wood table with white chairs…Kevin can’t see my vision yet, but I know he will appreciate it in the end!

I was searching for unique chairs:  nothing too stuffy or country-ish.  I came across these wonderfully…um…green ones at a church thrift store near our house:

"green dining chair"

Chair Before

For $19.99 each I think I can make them into 6 little masterpieces…let’s hope!  I decided to paint them with Rust-oleum “Heirloom white”  spray paint after filling in any holes/scrapes with wood filler, sanding, then priming.   Kevin bought me a Black and Decker power sander which was awesome; it really helped making the sanding process go quicker vs. doing it by hand.  Here is the ‘almost’ finished project:

"Rust-Oleum Heirloom White wood chair"

It could probably use a seat!

I am trying to figure out what color we should paint the dining room.  Kevin loved the gray so much in the bedroom that he would like to use gray again.  I am thinking pale yellow (and gray/white).  I belive I will start by finding the perfect chair fabric and go from there.   A quick google of “yellow and gray fabric” resulted in a plethera of options.  Now here is my inspiration:

This is a wallpaper, but the colors are perfect!  Here is the dining room moodboard I made the other day:

"dining room Moodboard"

"Dining Room Moodboard"

The colors on the moodboard seem to be coming up a bit off on my computer monitor…it should be a darker mustard-y yellow/gray/white/pale yellow.   I made the board on my iPad, and it looks great on here!

Well it is time to go eat some BBQ!  Enjoy your day =)


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