Let the house tour begin: Master Bedroom Before

28 Apr

Let’s get this blog going by checking out the master bedroom.  We plan on remodeling this room first.  All I can say is “Holy Pink Batman!”

"pink bedroom"


There is so much pink in this room we don’t even know where to begin!   Thankfully, the room is quite large so we should be able to fit a beautiful king bed in here (I have been eyeing one at Pier One for the last few months, and it went on sale, so we may be in luck!) as well as a decent sized dresser and possibly a seating area.  I decided to start with the bed and go from there.
I love the look of a tall four poster bed, and there is something about canopy beds that makes me feel like I am on vacation.  Taking that into consideration, I found the perfect bed for our perfect master bedroom:
This bed is fantastic; thank you Pier 1!  It converts from a canopy to a tall four poster, or either a two tall and two short, or a short four poster bed.  Ingenious.  They also offer a few matching dressers and nightstands.  The bed is huge and so are the nightstands, so I may opt to go with a smaller scale table on either side of the bed.

Next step is bedding.  I am loving anything gray these days, and I really want to paint the walls in a shade of gray.  I was uber excited when I found a beautiful gray and white orchid duvet on-line at target.com.

Kevin and I love orchids, and I can’t wait to make prints of photos we took from an orchid garden we visited on a trip to Costa Rica…to match the bedding and to really make it feel personal.

When Kevin suggested adding some sort of texture to the walls I immediately thought of grasscloth.  I know nothing about using it, let along hanging it on the walls, but I remember seeing an episode of “Secrets From a Stylist” where Emily put charcoal gray grasscloth on a wall in her friend’s den/office.

Taken from a perfectgray.com/originally seen on HGTV

And so the search for dark gray grasscloth began.  After visiting a few home improvement stores, I brought home a couple sample books from a local paint and wallpaper store.  I ended up selecting something that had hints of gray, and an overall brown/natural tone to it.  I figure this will compliment the chestnut wood furniture and hardwood floors.  The only thing that concerns me about the grasscloth is the seams that are always noticeable; perhaps we will think of a creative way to hid the seams.  I hope to put the grasscloth on the bottom of the chair rail, and then paint gray above…we’ll see what happens!!

I found a new app for my ipad that I have been playing around with lately that helps you easily make moodboards.  This is the first time I have tried to make a moodboard, but I had fun playing around with the app.  Here is what I came up with:

"master bedroom moodboard"

Master Bedroom Moodboard

I can’t wait to see the finished room….please stay tuned to see our progress!


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